Victoria, Part 4 – Oh Micah

We’ve been living like royalty since being in Victoria, having an entire rented, spacious, 4 bedroom house to live in! Rick and I quickly “stole” the bedroom in the with a massive, walk-in closet, probably the size of our kitchen in Brooklyn. I decided this would be the perfect place to put Micah’s pack ‘n play and in turn, give Rick and I the feeling we had a room to ourselves for once!

Well, two nights ago, Micah woke up several times, escaping from his crib. The good old routine began of Rick and I putting him back in and trying to calm him down again and again and again. After the 4th or 5th time, we heard shuffling followed by a loud thud followed by loud cries.

Running inside the closet I found Micah lying back down inside a plastic laundry basket that just so happened to be beside the crib! He was flailing and screaming! Picking him up, I noticed his little nose was bleeding badly. He had somehow skinned his nose and nicked a nostril…bleeding badly from both wounds!

Our Micah. There is no doubt he’s going to be the kind of little boy who’ll be in the emergency room every other weekend for one reason or another! Needless to say, we gave up after that and let him sleep with us for the rest of the night!

* * * * *

Quick re-run of the last few days:

  • Today, walked Victoria and had High Tea at Ellise House…yup, we were even able to drag Rick and Dad Rose to it!:)
  • Yesterday, private boat tour of many of the islands in this area including Salt Springs Island, etc. We saw dolphins, seals and otters amongst other creatures. We all got sunburned!
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2 Responses to Victoria, Part 4 – Oh Micah

  1. The Matriarch says:

    Sounds wonderful. Give Micah a kiss from Mimi!

  2. Grace says:

    Hope you got some sleep…I couldn’t help but laugh at the predicament Micah got himself into.

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