Christian Radio

Atlanta has at least 2 or 3 major Christian radio stations. New York has none. Victoria, B.C. has one and I was very surprised to easily find it while looking for something to listen to on our trip!

I’ve always found Christian radio rather annoying much of the time. Like many Christians I’ve met, I can often feel I’ve graduated “above” this music or the music they feature anyways…it can seem far too simplistic in its message and distasteful musically. They always seem to play the same songs year after year and when they all advertise themselves as “positive music stations” instead of Christian stations, it annoys me. I’ve always wished they would play bands like Caedmon’s Call, The Kry, Smalltown Poets or Burlap to Cashmere. Instead, it seems that for most, Michael W. Smith, Newsboys and Chris Tomlin are the norm.

Yet, there was something refreshing about finding this lone station and in Godless Canada no less! I didn’t realize how long it had been and I found myself turning the radio up and singing to all the songs as I got ready one morning. I think I felt more energized for the day and comforted by a sense of familiarity, like these songs were old friends I hadn’t heard from in a long time. And though these stations can feel monotonous , the flip side is it is easy to know and memorize all the songs which is fun when you like to sing!

I guess in this age of ipods and other compact gadgets, radio is somewhat stone age. Fortunately we can listen to the genre of music we desire and the specific songs we like, without having to listen to only those already predetermined for the day by others. I have begun thinking though that the radio offers an interesting glimpse into what populations live in a specific city or town. In Victoria, it seems there must be a large enough Christian base to warrant a radio station with Christian music which is exciting.

Now, if only a Christian radio station would spring up in New York City at some point! To have the option would be refreshing…and perhaps they could be persuaded to have more variety as well!

*(All pictures of Victoria).

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3 Responses to Christian Radio

  1. Anna says:

    The “positive and encouraging” mantra is definitely my pet peeve about Christian radio! Where’s Jesus? Still, you’re right, a lack of Christian radio stations would be difficult, even if they’re not always in our favorite format.

  2. The Matriarch says:

    I’m surprised that Victoria has a Xn radio station. Years ago , in the Sixties, it was a destination for retirees. It had a very English flavor, lawn bowling and other rowdy pastimes. May be that conservatism explains the Xn factor, something ex-hippie Vancouver would not abide. Dad

  3. Mella says:

    Hey Susanna, I don’t know if this station comes in for you or not, but it’s supposed to, I think. good friend of mine from college is actually one of the morning talk show co-hosts. =)

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