The Simple Life?

I hope to expound further on this topic when I have more time later this week but for now, I will just say this post at Amy’s Humble Musings caused me to consider the city life vs. country life. I live the ultimate in city life every day. I lived the country life for a short time (5 days) in Victoria. These pictures show the idealic setting we were blessed to live in there…cows, rabbits, deer, the humming of tractors.

Which do you prefer?

1st. The Country Life

2nd. The City Life

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9 Responses to The Simple Life?

  1. Rick says:

    It’s nice to visit the country, relax, sit in a rocking chair and watch the animals. But in day to day life I far prefer our New York life. The people/activity is invigorating, the opportunities endless. Not needing a car (or $5/gallon gas prices) and still easily getting to everything by foot/bike/transit. Independent coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants. Free concerts – both of the official and the street performance varieties. Architecture, job opportunities, diversity of cultures/peoples. The 2 things I would yearn for in the country: cheap housing, and land for Micah to run around in. But then again with higher expenses come higher salary/opportunity and Micah has gorgeous parks and playgrounds FULL of kids.NYC for me. =)

  2. The Matriarch says:

    ABS – that is, anywhere but suburbia, though that is where we seem fated to live!… “Little House in the Subdivision” – a book waiting to be written by one of you girls, based on childhood memories.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Susanna,This is an interesting question. I asked it myself lots as I too have lived both in big cities, Paris and London, and in small, more landly Luxembourg (where I am originally from).For a very long time I thought I could never go back to Luxembourg. I thought it was to small and boring. I thought London and Paris had all the qualities Rick listed for New York.But 6 months ago I decided to go back home. Now I am living and working here in Luxembourg and I must say I am quite happy. It is a more quiet and peaceful life, less stress and hectic which is nice too.The good thing in Europe though: traveling to other countries and hence bigger cities is quite easy. So I do not really miss out on too much.:-)Have a nice day.Maud

  4. Susanna Rose says:

    Mom, “Little House in the Subdivision”…I like that! That book will have to be written at some point!:)

  5. Aileen says:

    The country… but really suburbia… I love living where we live, close to the country but close to the city… really.I would HATE living in the city.. to much noise, to many people!

  6. Johannah says:

    Sus,I would have had a bigger, more complete, answer a few years from now, but at the moment, after having just moved to the country, I would have to say that I am happy wherever God leads me.I had big fears about moving out here. Who is there to talk to? Where will I shop? What will entertain me? Who will visit?It has become clear that life is what you make it. I have made persistent efforts with the neighbours and some of those efforts have borne fruit. I had navigated my way through the area and found real gems. Entertainment like conservation areas and beaches that is free! We host dinners here constantly and are blessed with big camp fires and wide open spaces to “play.” And I have stripped away so much of the antsy need-to-be-busy ora that surrounded me. I have been changed.SHould Aidan and I move back to the city in the future, we will look forward to all of the things the city offers too. It’s God’s terrain no matter where we tread and I am happy to walk it all.Jo

  7. TulipGirl says:

    I miss living in the city (Kyiv). We live in suburbia, and what I’m most grateful for here is the freedom my kids have to run outside and play with the neighbor kids. Our vacation last year was in rural Pennsylvania, and it was so refreshing. Appealing, even. But I know that rural life is not the place for us. I’m looking forward to living in a city again.

  8. Grace says:

    I am with Jo…after going from suburbia, to small city (Chattanooga) to country (Ringgold) I would say that I am content at each place in its own time…I thought I could NEVER leave Chattanooga and be happy but I am so happy in Ringgold! I would say the city and the country for me:)

  9. Ashley says:

    (found your blog from Amy’s Humble Musings on this topic). I love this topic and I hope you blog more about it. DH and I grew up in suburbia and lived a few years overseas in a city and LOVED it. Now we live in a city/small town and I can’t wait to get back to urban life — although w/ a baby it’d be a bit more of an interesting adjustment.

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