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The Crux of the Matter

blur I’ve been thinking lately that I want to worry less about proving to others why it is a worthy pursuit to be a stay-at-home-mom or that I am a “good” mom. Perhaps it is just today, perhaps there is … Continue reading

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Last Hurrahs to Pregnancy #1

As the due date draws ever nearer, I thought I’d celebrate the beauty of pregnancy while Ellie still lives inside me…even in all its third trimester discomforts! And could there be anything cuter than these Canadian flag baby cloth diapers? … Continue reading

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Wave of the Future?

From a controversial advertisement in Mexico. We all heard about the pregnant man (or woman who morphed into man) here in the states. Is this phenomena really going to pick up? Ya, that would sure tear down some absolutes alright!

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Why you never want a car in New York

High on my list of ‘why I love New York’ is the ability to live without a car. On the top of what I hate about New York are the occations when I’ve had a car in my care. Last … Continue reading

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Garden State

Some friends of ours from church have let us borrow their car for 10 whole days! So yesterday, we escaped the city for the night after a mere two hour drive and happily found ourselves at the gorgeous, sprawling New … Continue reading

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Why I Don't Watch Soaps

I can definitely see how watching Soap Operas on any sort of regular basis could lead one into severe depression not to mention a slew of other personal problems as well. Flipping through channels when we’ve had a T.V., I … Continue reading

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I can’t sleep anymore. It might be the heightened discomfort of later pregnancy but I think mostly it is just the anxious anticipation of waiting for our little girl! I often tell Rick that it is as though every night … Continue reading

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Where Daddy Is…

Rick and his dad have always been close. They have the same hobbies and love to spend long hours working on projects together ranging from building furniture from scratch to independently maintaining their vehicles (when Rick still had a car … Continue reading

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Working Man Hands

As Sunday is Father’s Day, I thought it appropriate not only to honor my amazing husband on my little blog space (and will do so Sunday babe:) but also the man who together with my mom, raised five children to … Continue reading

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Forced Into Abortion

Rick and I still receive headlines from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. This story caught my attention today. Here are some exerts: “A Hall County woman is serving a year in jail for pretending to be a girl’s mother when she … Continue reading

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