Working Man Hands

As Sunday is Father’s Day, I thought it appropriate not only to honor my amazing husband on my little blog space (and will do so Sunday babe:) but also the man who together with my mom, raised five children to serve and follow after God.

Admittedly, nothing could describe dad better than the words of my brother Tim, who wrote this touching piece below a few years ago for dad. Recently, it was published at

I hope you will be blessed by reading about a godly father and will be inspired to praise your own fathers as well!

Working Man Hands

“Like most little boys, I idolized my father as a child. You would have had a difficult time convincing me that there was anyone smarter, faster or stronger than my dad.
I really did believe it when I told my friends “my dad can beat up your dad!”

And it may well have been true.

Dad was a landscaper, after all, and for eight months of every year he spent just about every waking hour hauling loads of soil from his truck to the gardens and heaving enormous rocks to make sure they looked just right. Though this took an obvious physical toll on Dad, it left him stronger than an ox.”

To read more, please go here.

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  1. The Matriarch says:


  2. Grace says:

    so nice…and such a great picture:)

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