Where Daddy Is…

Rick and his dad have always been close. They have the same hobbies and love to spend long hours working on projects together ranging from building furniture from scratch to independently maintaining their vehicles (when Rick still had a car pre-New York!) to creating salt water fish habitats that resemble works of art. Colorful corals, everything alive and adding to the deep sea world built within glass.

Now, I see this same father-son bond developing ever deeper between Rick and Micah. Our little boy wants to be where daddy is, doing what daddy is doing and by mid-afternoon, everyone who enters our apartment building is potentially “DADA? DADA?” When it is Rick coming through the door, Micah usually bounds expectantly through the hallway and into dada’s waiting arms.

It is funny because before Micah was born, I continually feared Rick did not seem excited enough about fatherhood. My calm, often understated husband just did not react to thoughts of daddy hood the way I thought he should. Having Micah growing, moving right inside of me, it was simple for me to be ever anxious to see him but the months of pregnancy are obviously a more distant process for men! I do remember the night though just a few weeks before Micah arrived when Rick and I stood in his finished nursery, going through his tiny baby things for the a thousandth time, making sure we were well-prepared. With obvious yearning in his voice, my husband sighed,“I just can’t wait for him to be born!”

Well, Micah was born almost 2 years ago now and from the moment Rick was able to hold our 7 lbs, 4 ozs wide-eyed little bundle in his arms, he was unabashedly taken, charmed by this beautiful gift from God who looked exactly like he did as an infant. A whole album full of baby pictures taken of my husband 25 years earlier left no doubt of their resemblance and we jokingly referred to Micah as “little Rick!”

One of the most incredible things I see in Rick is his desire leave the business of the day behind, to fully engage in being father to Micah when he gets home. When I am tired from a day spent running after our energetic, dare-devil little guy, Rick is not only willing but eager to take advantage of the fleeting last few hours of time before Micah heads off to slumber, horsing around with him on the back-yard deck, taking him for walks sans stroller so Micah can walk like a big boy, reading to him, letting Micah play with his tools. Never was there a little boy more well loved by his daddy! Most importantly, portraying to Micah every day what it is to be a man of honor and diligence, of wisdom, self-control and devotion to what is right. And I must add that Rick treats me daily like a treasured gift and I pray Micah will treat the wife we trust God has set aside for him with the same selfless, unconditional love as well some day! I am an unworthy yet incredibly grateful recipient of this love.

There are many fathers out there but not all are admirable men of noble character, men to esteem and men who will seek to train up their children to be more than “good citizens” but godly individuals above all. My husband, at an age most would consider very young in this society of dwindling twenty-something parents, takes on the role of godly fatherhood everyday. And as he fervently prays at night that Micah would be drawn into a saving relationship with Christ at an early age, I can not be more thankful for and secure in the man beside me.

Lord, thank you for godly fathers. Thank you for Rick!

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7 Responses to Where Daddy Is…

  1. Steph says:

    I always knew Rick would make an awesome Dad. :-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your Rick is a great guy! Mom

  3. Grace says:

    Happy Father’s day Rick!

  4. Anna says:

    That’s so sweet. :)

  5. Andria says:

    What a great post honoring Rick. It is beautifully written.I have to say, when I saw that top picture, I screamed to Ricardo “Susanna had her baby!” because I thought it was a picture of daddy at the hospital since the title said “Where Daddy is” It won’t be long until you have pictures of him holding his baby girl!!!!

  6. Susanna Rose says:

    Andria, You’ll know when I have Ellie (I CAN’T WAIT for her arrival!) and hopefully, she’ll be wearing a little pink hat…not blue or we have have a little Eli on our hands!;)

  7. The Matriarch says:

    those are quite the accolades Rick. But I know that they are well deserved.ga mullet

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