Why you never want a car in New York

High on my list of ‘why I love New York’ is the ability to live without a car. On the top of what I hate about New York are the occations when I’ve had a car in my care.

Last weekend we borrowed a car from a friend to drive out to New Jersey and visit relatives. This morning I set out to move the car to a legal spot not restricted for street cleaning. After driving up and down Park Slope for an hour I finally found a spot out on Third Ave and Bergen Street. I checked the sign twice to make sure it was restricted on tue-thur and not on Monday, and headed into work… an hour late.

After work I trecked back to the remote parking spot and… no car. Then I saw it, a second sign “no parking Monday thru Friday, 8am-5pm.” Why did they bother with a tue-thur sign if there is no parking any week day?!? Goodbye $400.

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