A Year in Brooklyn

Gearing up to leave Atlanta

As of today, it has been a full year since Rick and I packed up our little moving truck with most of our humble belongings and he drove the 17 hours from Atlanta to New York City while Micah and I flew to meet him a day later.

When I look back at that flight, that first day, away from the familiarity of Atlanta that had been home for almost 10 years, I realize I should have been terrified by the extreme change we were making. But I wasn’t. Brooklyn just felt like our territory from the start and though there have doubtless been days when I miss family and would give anything to have their company, I am continually encouraged by the love and support of friends here. Friendships I never would have dreamed would be formed so quickly!

God has placed us here-there is no doubt in our minds this is so. New Yorkers may be in your face but at least you need never wonder what they are thinking, a car may not easily be an option but let me tell you, with all the walking, walking, walking…there never was a more in-shape pregnant woman around;), there may not be a church on every corner but we have never experienced a better church than the one we have been attending from the beginning of our time here. And food might be more expensive but it is worth the few extra coins! Yumminess! Don’t get me started with the coffee…I can’t pick which my favorite little independent cafe is!

What does the future hold? A few more years (at least) in Brooklyn, a brand-new little addition to our family, a new apartment with a wealth of space…a far cry from the humble yet beautiful abode we are in now. Above all, it holds hope and the excitement of new experiences yet to be had!

First New York Christmas

Grand Army Plaza Market

I grew a lot this year!:)

Micah’s made many dear friends

The sublease: where we spent our first month

Our late trusty Maclaren Volo…left in Seattle by accident

The subway

Outside our brownstone

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9 Responses to A Year in Brooklyn

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Anniversary! So glad you guys made the journey to New York!Love,Adrienne

  2. Ally says:

    It sounds like you guys have enjoyed a blessed and easy transition to a very different life (at least NYC seems really different from Atlanta to me). I am so glad you’ve found wonderful friends and a church in your short time in NYC; those two things can really make a big difference.Happy anniversary:)

  3. Andria says:

    Wow, it’s already been a year!? I love your dedication to the blog and the fact that you do such a good job at keeping us updated with your life in Brooklyn. When are you moving to your new place? How exciting!Can you email me your new mailing address when you get a chance?The final countdown is underway!!! I can’t wait to meet baby Ellie (through pictures)!Lots of love,Andria

  4. Grace says:

    Glad you moved there because we have a fun place to visit…but sad cause we miss you here in Georgia:(

  5. Kane, Jana and Mara Kate says:

    We miss you all, but are glad you are enjoying your NY home! :)

  6. Rick says:

    “car may not easily be an option”…unless you like tickets, traffic, and being towed. It’s been a great year!

  7. Mella says:

    I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Wow, time flies.You’re making me envious – I’ve got no decent coffee shops nearby and not even a sidewalk near my house to go walking on. Boooo.(Great year to be without a car anyway though, by the way, gas prices as they are…)

  8. Johannah says:

    You’ve got it made chickie!The only coffee ’round here is Tim Horton’s, and if I were to walk for 40 mins. in any direction, I still wouldn’t end up anywhere.I’ve loved reading about life down there. Have a happy 4th of July!Love, Jo

  9. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t realize you had left your trusty stroller in Seattle….Glad Micah wasn’t in it! Love, Mom

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