My Classy Kid

My little boy. So determined when he puts his mind to a task and the last few days, one of those tasks has been coloring, coloring, coloring! I found these Classy Kids self-adhesive place mats at a local drug store and they’re perfect for Micah…he loves to be occupied while he is eating. So now I can just stick one of these to his high chair tray and instead of often watching a video as was becoming a habit, whether at home or a restaurant, he can color while he eats.

He comes from a long line of artists on my side of the family…more than I can count. And of course his daddy is extremely talented, specifically enjoying pastels and oil painting. Who knows…if his current appreciation is any sign, Micah may well follow in their footsteps!

P.S. Pregnancy Update: Still 2 cm dilated. No contractions. No Ellie!:(

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3 Responses to My Classy Kid

  1. Grace says:

    He’s staying in the lines!!!!

  2. Shannon says:

    Wow! He looks so focused!! I love that idea. I haven’t seen anything like that up here. What a fabulous idea! I am SO surprised that Ellie hasn’t made her appearance yet, but you can’t stay pregnant forever (even though I’m sure that you are feeling that way).

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a fabulous idea. I have never seen anything like that here.Lois

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