He's 2!


The years do fly by as people say. I can hardly believe how much you are talking now and just acting so independent. And you’re even letting your bottle go for a sippy cup instead…a big step for you! You are such a blessing to us Micah and we love your spirit, your zest for life, your affectionate responses to your new baby sister and your smile. Always smiles!

No matter what the future holds, my biggest hope is for your salvation, that you might come to know Jesus at a young age and want to live for him! That you might have a brave faith like Daniel who was put in grave danger because of his faith but whether lions or flames, was always saved because he trusted God so strongly. That you might live a life of faithfulness and integrity before God like Samuel who knew God’s voice even as a child.

today, tomorrow and forever, we love you so much and thank God for you Micah!

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9 Responses to He's 2!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes. Happy Birthday Michah-bear. We love you, and cannot wait to see you in just a few weeks!!! Aunty Maryanne, Anna and Josh and Emma

  2. Jana says:

    That’s a great picture! What fun! Happy Birthday, Micah! I remember coming to see him at the hospital after he was born…yes, time is passing rather quickly these days, isn’t it?!

  3. Tim Challies says:

    Happy birthday, Micah. I wish I could give you a happy birthday hug (or a handshake if you’re already too old for hugs…).

  4. Grace says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful boy!!!! I love you so much!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday, Micah! Grandma loves you so much too! And I love your smiles too! Had fun with you a few weeks ago and now I miss you so much. xxooLove, Grandma R.

  6. Ally says:

    Your little boy is so blessed to have you as him mom. I love that your biggest hope is for his salvation. I hope you guys have a wonderful time celebrating!

  7. Johannah says:

    Aidan’s parents customarily congratulate me on Aidan’s birthday, and Aidan on mine. They figure that the blessings of a birthday are partly rooted in enjoying another year with the person whose birthday it is. Makes sense.So, congratulations, Rick and Susanna. Another year with your beautiful boy.

  8. Mella says:

    Awww! Happy birthday Micah!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday, our big boy!!! We love you, Mimi and Grandpa

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