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What is the correct response to the financial crisis?

Investment banks have collapsed, Congress has not passed the bail out package and the markets have tanked even more. In the Presidential debate Obama said the following in response to the free market policies of the last 8 years and … Continue reading

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Lulu's Cuts & Toys

Saturday saw us heading to Lulu’s, a nearby toy store/children’s hair salon so that Micah could get his first “real” haircut! (Though Rick has trimmed the front of Micah’s hair a few times, it has never been fully cut so … Continue reading

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Winter Seasons of the Soul

I was encouraged this morning by this post. Here is a exert: And Spurgeon himself was very familiar with those ebbs and the winter season of the soul. John Piper, in giving a biographical address about Mr. Spurgeon, noted his … Continue reading

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Can You Imagine?

I am not usually fond of images of Jesus as many seem offensive but thought this story in particular, of Jesus walking on water, is powerfully portrayed through art. I remember thinking I could walk on water as Jesus did. … Continue reading

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“The Rick Doctrine”

Chuck raises some great questions about “The Rick Doctrine” when it comes to military policy. I will admit that I don’t quite know what to do with the subject of the military. I know there are some holes in my … Continue reading

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Mr. Diaper Head, Etc

No more crib! (Note Elmo snuggling with him!:)

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Suspending Judgement

My cousin Johannah, a gifted writer, wrote a refreshingly compassionate post about Britney Spears today. She then offered a link to the website of Michael S. Hyatt, president of Thomas Nelson Publishing, the publisher who printed the new memoir, “Through … Continue reading

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Like Mother, Like Son

Rick found this picture of me as a little girl last night and started laughing. He said it looked a lot like someone we know…someone who likes to climb and get into trouble while in his bedroom!:) Mom, how did … Continue reading

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Blue Eyed Girl

Ellie is… Holding her head up Discovering her fists, feet, etc Still smiling and gurgling away and…drum roll… sleeping through the night (11ish-9am) regularly! (Parents less fortunate in the sleep department, DON’T HATE US!:) I have awesome fists!

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Video: Micah

This is an older video of Micah in the Spring, walking with determination to the playground!

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