Suspending Judgement

My cousin Johannah, a gifted writer, wrote a refreshingly compassionate post about Britney Spears today. She then offered a link to the website of Michael S. Hyatt, president of Thomas Nelson Publishing, the publisher who printed the new memoir, “Through the Storm,” by Lynne Spears. Here Hyatt attempt to point out why Christians should take this book seriously rather than slam it and the author with judgement and-as he says-we may even be able to learn a thing or two through the mistakes made by Lynne. Mistakes she apparently readily admits to.

My only beef after initially hearing about this book and reading some reviews is that Lynne Spears seems to act as though she is a victim in the whole, desperate Britney saga. I just think it is tragic that in this world entrenched by sin, we first of all say we made mere “mistakes” but then also are so ready to lay down and play the victim, kind of admitting some sort of wrong but in the end, someone/something else is mostly to blame. I do this…I’m sure we are all wired to do this.

This paragraph below by Hyatt caught my attention. Before suspending Judgement on the Spears clan and assuming the parents were and still are money hungry mongrels who sold their daughter into fame for their own ends, I should exercise compassion. Perhaps there really is more to the story than the media would like us to know? I pray so!

“It’s a reminder that all of us make mistakes.
Parenting is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard work. And in our media-saturated world, the voice of parents often becomes just one voice among many.

How many of us were trained to be parents? Mostly, we learn on-the-job. And, inevitably, we make mistakes. We just pray to God that they aren’t fatal. I have always taken comfort in James Dobson’s words, “The average child can survive the average number of mistakes made by the average parent.”

Because I have made more than my fair share of mistakes (just ask my daughters), it is tough to be too hard on other parents. Lynne is no different. She would be the first to admit she made numerous mistakes. And yet her character reflects the grace and kindness that only comes from someone who has personally experienced failure and pain.”
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One Response to Suspending Judgement

  1. Anonymous says:

    The entertainment world is pretty much a “no go” for Christians, isn’t it? Do the Spears profess Christ? Mom

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