Can You Imagine?

I am not usually fond of images of Jesus as many seem offensive but thought this story in particular, of Jesus walking on water, is powerfully portrayed through art.

I remember thinking I could walk on water as Jesus did. As a little girl at our family cottage in Ontario, Canada, I would stand down at the dock, stare at the expanse of lake surrounding me and imagine hitting the water just lightly enough that perhaps my feet would not penetrate.

Fast forward 20 years and I am telling Micah the story of Jesus walking on water as my son begrudgingly eats his lunch…not so easy to feed him. Never has been. This story comes to mind and I try to distract my son from hating the edible “task” before him. His eyes become wide as saucers when I explain with as much expression as I can muster the terror the disciples felt caught in the raging storm on the Sea of Galilee, their boat being tossed about on the waves. I tell him Jesus suddenly appeared to the 12 men, walking on the water and he perks up even more because he recognizes the name of Jesus, even now associating it with his own child’s bible. Jesus who came to save the day…whose only requirement of the apostle Peter was that he trust Him and he too could walk on the water. When that trust quickly waned, so Peter’s feet sank.

Telling this story to Micah, playing it in my mind and looking at illustrations leaves me in awe. Honestly…can you imagine what it must have been like for the disciples to see Jesus above the waves? The bible says they thought they were seeing a ghost…it must have been quite terrifying really. Comforting ultimately but at first, terrifying!

The savior of this world sure acts in mysterious ways sometimes and awesome ways always. I’m thankful I serve one so much greater and higher than I!

What waning trust looks like

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4 Responses to Can You Imagine?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful, susanna. God may use these moments of keeping Micah hostage in the high-chair, for some really teachable times. Keep at it! His eyes are always wide as saucers, so I cannot imagine how they must have looked when surprised:)I tried to call yesterday. Not sure whether you had the phone…Maryanne

  2. Grace says:

    Yes, great post! That is wonderful that Micah listened so well:)

  3. Jason and Kim Vinson says:

    Thanks for inspiring me to share more bible stories with Josh. He’s just now starting to understand a lot more of what we are saying and I can’t wait to understand and know what he’s thinking. I can just imagine Micah’s beautiful eyes of awe when you were reading to him.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i identify with that last picture! Mom

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