The Election Results are in…

In Presidential elections we all know about the “Republican L” as illustrated below (2000 election results). Let’s look at some past, more interesting result maps.  

The “Democratic L”

How about the Republicans carrying New York and California? President McKinley stepped into office in 1896 with near inverse results from 2000.

Red states, green states, yellow states, aqua states

That’s right, choices! Not just TV dinners or fast food, Oboring or McPolitics. 1860 offered a rainbow of choices. We all know about the Lincoln-Douglas debates… would you guess he came in 4th in the election?

In the first century of American politics, there were no mega-parties. Parties sprouted over ideas, and they dissolved when they lost their usefulness (ehem, Republicans) or they changed names to something more appropriate (may I suggest Democrat to “Socialist”).

Are third parties a thing of the past?

Here are 5 states in the modern era going to a third party. We are very entrenched in a two-party mindset, but it is not too late to break that mold.

Imagine there’s no partys

No parties. Just candidates. Game on!

What happens when you nominate a true conservative

The future

Here are your likely 2008 results. Incumbency is very difficult to break. Especially given our current situation. There is a near certainty America will be better off in 4 years regardless and in spite of Obama. Any action Obama takes may impliment long-term damage, but Presidents dont stay in office long enough to reap those damages. So do we march a Republican lamb out to the slaughter in 2012? Why not build some third party momentum to head into 2016?

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One Response to The Election Results are in…

  1. Susanna says:

    I love the look of the all red states or a country full of 3rd party voters! I wonder if that really would be possible in 2016!

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