Don't Waste Your Life

Anyone else read this book by John Piper? I did fairly recently but I think I’m going to revisit it if I can find the time as I’ve been feeling a little lost the last few days and in need of a good challenge. Sometimes it is a pretty hard road and after a full week of Micah-and now Ellie too-being sick with cold, flu or a combination of both, I am feeling frustrated as well as housebound since getting back to New York and entering days of cold drizzle.

I need to get out every day. Not being able to is hard! With the hacking coughs both kidos display along with the abysmal weather as of late, our life is pretty much set in doors and I must be creative in our endeavors! I hope this book gives me some needed drive to make this sick season a productive one in my life as a Christian. They may be well very soon but still. There is probably at least two more days of being indoors ahead. My only complaint? Piper only mentions the stay-at-home-mom once or twice in the entire book as he seeks to confront what we can all bring to this time on earth God has granted us in the particular callings He has called us to…an unfortunate over site but alas. I can still read and learn!:)

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10 Responses to Don't Waste Your Life

  1. Anonymous says:

    Susanna (or is it always Susanna Rose),Here’s an alternative book suggestion that’s definitely relevant to a SAH mom and family life — John Piper’s new book “This Momentary Marriage”. You can read it free online if you like at bless you,David

  2. everythoughtcaptive says:

    Yes, I’ve read this book! its an excellent and spiritually challenging read. I need to read it again sometime. Also, the book David mentioned was recently recommended to me as a good book as well. Maybe that will be my next read.

  3. Susanna Rose says:

    David, Yes, you can call me just Susanna;) and thanks for this book suggestion! It sounds right up my alley!

  4. Bethany says:

    Susanna, it must be rough to be housebound with sick kiddos. :-( Hope Ellie and Micah get well soon. Have you tried listening to talk radio? I’ve been pretty housebound due to Evangeline’s naps. Listening to Rush Limbaugh in the morning and Dr. Laura in the afternoon has been a sanity saver. I feel like I have adult conversation all day, I’m up-to-date on national events, and I still get things done because I can listen while cleaning, cooking and playing with E. Plus, Dr. Laura is vocally, consistently supportive of stay-at-home moms, which is encouraging.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I will be interested in your response to the Piper book…I have read virtually nothing by him…I know he is wildly popular! Love, Mom

  6. rick says:

    I hope being able to get out a bit this afternoon was refreshing for you. And for the record, you are not wasting anything about your life – you are multiplying it [currently] 2 fold in your little apostles! And doing a superb job, I’m sure the spark in their eyes, love of people and life is a reflection of their mommy!

  7. babiesforRuby says:

    Oh, I hear you, as I too am housebound with sick kids often this month!But! SAHM’s have so much MORE to offer the world than those busy earning money and spending it! We are not wasting our lives by sharing our real LIFE (God!) with our new lives whose courses we chart.We will not waste our lives by creating homes that are warm and welcoming to the outside world: college and grad students welcomed for a cup of tea and the opportunity to feed their hearts with our family’s love. Neighbors seeing unconditional love inside an increasingly rare breed: a family that functions, as dysfunctional as we may be! The time available to share and care for those in and out of the church who need a meal, or their yard tended to, or the hugs of a little person toward some lonely human who has not had family around in years. The TIME to attend to another young mother who is overwhelmed with the intensity of new motherhood. The presence of MARGIN in our lives so that we can respond to others needs, and to our families’ needs. Don’t forget that when you are sitting in your rocker with 2 crabby sick kids you are in a convent of the soul that God sanctions. It is His ideal place to conform your spirit and body to His plans. What time to meditate and PRAISE him, silently as you rock a babe, or out loud as you comfort your sick toddler.and, oh yeah, I’m preaching to myself. Your post just reminded me what it is that I do, for some reason! Thanks for the impetus to rejoice always, to MATTER each day, regardless of my circumstances

  8. Jason and Kim Vinson says:

    I’m sorry you are stuck at home. Rachel was sick last week and we were at home a lot as well. Oh how I wish I could stop by and hangout. Wow- your friend who just wrote a comment just encouraged me! Right after Rachel was born and slept more : ) I listened to two books on tape. It was something I could while nursing or cleaning up. Hope ya’ll are doing better!

  9. Susanna Rose says:

    Babies for Ruby, I meant to respond to your comment earlier than this because it is BEAUTIFUL and I thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts and share your wisdom! I especially like the part about conforming our spirit and body to God’s plans as SAHMS…how true! Thank you, thank you!:)Kim, I wish you could stop by and hang out too!:)

  10. babiesforRuby says:

    Susanna, it’s me from Atlanta, Ruth :) Hi Kim.Glad it encouraged you…it did me too, that day!

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