A roundup of news stories… that make me want to puke

The Chicago Tribute reports: Old rivals Obama, McCain discuss working together.

Obama’s transition staff released a joint statement, describing the meeting as a “productive conversation” that opened the possibility for cooperation in the days and months ahead.”

…Just in case there were any doubts that McCain and Obama shared identical priorities and offered voters no choices.

Obama has said he expects to pick at least one Republican to serve on his Cabinet, but it is unlikely to be McCain, who can return to the Senate as a leader of his party

Lets hope not! A leader of his party?? Because his leadership turned out SO well. Someone help these people, I didn’t know assisted suicide had been legalized.

Obama and McCain displayed good chemistry, aides said. [. . .] Asked whether he was hoping to help an Obama administration, a smiling McCain responded, “Obviously.”

Isn’t that sweet. A McBama administration.

On another front, the AP reports Calif. high court asked to hear gay marriage cases

The state attorney general and sponsors of the ballot initiative that banned same-sex marriage in California urged its Supreme Court to hear a series of lawsuits seeking to overturn the ban [. . .] ‘This court can provide certainty and finality in this matter’

And here I thought 6,340,617 people provided finality in this matter through a Constitutional amendment. Let me be on the record as saying as surely as the McBama administration will raise taxes, the courts will find a way to overturn this amendment. The truth comes out in this statement:

“The petitions raise issues of statewide importance, implicating not only California’s marriage laws but also the initiative process and the Constitution itself”

Implicating the Constitution itself? Perhaps I’ve stepped into another dimension, but in the universe I came from the Constitution set law. How can it be implicated? Apparently the “living, breathing document” (read: it can change to mean anything we want it to mean) that liberals love has gone rogue and we must kill it fast.

Here comes my lunch…

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3 Responses to A roundup of news stories… that make me want to puke

  1. bchallies says:

    Second part of your comments reminds me of the political situation in Quebec. Every few years the Separatists would force a plebiscite on the people to see whether or not they desired independence… Time after time result was a “no” vote…You can guess the rest. This has not been seen as conclusive and plebiscites continue to come up periodically.

  2. Chris says:

    Re: Gay Marriage

    Matters such as these were settled in the case of ex parte McCardle (1868) where the court ruled that it (the court) only had jurisdiction over laws in light of the constitution not the constitutionality of the constitution itself. This vote, as you mention, is a change to the California constitution. Therefore, the California courts should either have no jurisdiction in the case, or higher courts should be forced to examine the amendment in light of the US Constitution.

    The latter course of action is treacherous because of the limits placed on the Federal Government in the ninth and tenth amendments–the same reason we have state marriage licenses not federal.

  3. Grace says:

    Good thing God is in control :) Hope your lunch stayed down.~Grace Maybe McBama can help me buy a new Mcmansion :) ~Justin

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