Seeing Maggie Gyllenhaal

My friend Mel informed me yesterday that she saw this woman

(Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal of The Dark Knight, Stranger Than Fiction, Mona Lisa Smile…)

at this coffee shop

Gorilla Coffee

a mere 2 minutes away from our apartment and a place I frequent regularly for their amazing lattes!

So like magazines attest to, celebrities do indeed live in Brooklyn and some even in Park Slope! Hopefully someday I’ll see one too!:)

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6 Responses to Seeing Maggie Gyllenhaal

  1. Marc says:

    Erica and I saw her walking down Park Pl. near the 7th Ave. subway stop one day too. However, we haven’t seen a single star since moving back to Colorado, except in the sky. Now there’s a kind of star you don’t see much of in NYC!

  2. Grace says:

    Interesting…I wonder how many people tried to get her picture.

  3. Rebekah says:

    Hi there! Hope this finds you doing well. Speaking of “Celebrity sightings”, Kathryn Erbe from Law and Order: Criminal Intent and What About Bob lives in PS. I used to see her all the time with her kids. Also, John Turturro and his family live there. His son went to PS 321 on 7th Ave when Aidan was in PreK there. They look EXACTLY alike. I also saw Steve Buscemi at La Bagel Delight. He was really nice. =)In Manhattan, I walked right past Liam Neeson (he’s SO tall) and Mathew Broderick. Very fun.

  4. Susanna Rose says:

    Thanks Marc…we miss you guys and were sad to hear you’d moved back to Colorado! WE need a link to your blog again!:)Rebekah…wow! You’ve seen a lot of these people! I must be better at keeping my eyes out for them!:)

  5. Marc says:

    Thanks Susanna, you guys always were so nice. Here’s my link. Take care of yourselves, and let us know if you’re ever headed out our way. :-)

  6. Susanna Rose says:

    Marc…thanks for the link! Glad to see you guys are settled and happy in CO again! Looks beautiful!

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