Friday Blog of Note

Today, I’d like to make note of a blog many of you may already be familiar with, Amy’s Humble Musings. Home to Amy Scott, mom of 6 children under 10, I appreciate this mom blog because of Amy’s ability to create intriguing stories out of the normal of her life while spinning words of godly wisdom in between.

For example, in her most recent post, “They’re Here Now,” Amy reflects: “One thing I do know: Time moves slowly when you have a baby who won’t sleep and it speeds up when you have mistakes that need to be undone. Time goes by, but never at the pace you want it to.” What mom wouldn’t be sobered by these words gleaned from experience?

Filled with humor, wisdom, sometimes a drop of sarcasm and always grace, Amy’s blog will also make you wish for the country life as she and her family recently moved from the city to a farm in Amish country. With this new life, it seems there are no shortage of tales to be told!

Check out Amy’s Humble Musings now!

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One Response to Friday Blog of Note

  1. Anonymous says:

    It was fun discussing out favorite blogs yesterday! Mommyinc is a favorite of mine! I am loving the Micah and Ellie hugs and kisses….Aunty Maryanne

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