So We Flew

Saturday morning we were all ready to drive the 14 plus hours from New York to Atlanta. Rick left early to pick up our rental car in New Jersey and I was proud to have the kids ready and the suitcases all packed, sitting near the door upon his return. But when he walked slowly through the door, a frown on his face, I just knew.

“You weren’t able to get the car, were you?”

Rick: After 2 trains and a mile walk in the freezing snow (no shoes, uphill both directions) to arrive at Enterprise Jersey City – I was told they would not rent to me because my license was out of state (making me wonder about those flying in to rent a car…) and I only had a debit rather than a credit card (making me wonder why you would want an IOU rather than cash in hand…) and the combination making me wonder the value of a reservation and whether they had a car to begin with. I attempted all angles – passport, faxing a copy of credit card, and appeals to the holiday spirit (there was none). I tried Hertz who does rent to a debit card – nothing available. I began making frantic calls to friends about borrowing a car.

Back at home: “Nope. They wouldn’t rent to me.”

Gulp. I am close to tears, envisioning all our Christmas plans quickly disappearing down the drain. What do we do now?

It became clear we would have to fly since a car was not going to magically manifest itself! We go online and a 4:00 flight is available from JFK. We discuss it and decid to go for it. Rick goes downstairs to book the flight… it’s gone. Another quick search, a 4:00 out of La Guardia – QUICK book it!

Not wanting anymore drama we arrive at the airport at 1:30. We are able to switch to a 6:30 direct flight arriving 30 minutes early in Atlanta.

So, long story short, we flew and Micah’s behavior was atrocious the entire way (screaming fits for most of the two hour flight. Dirty looks from fellow travelers) but the important thing is we are here now; safe and sound, happy to be surrounded by the love of family.

You just never know what a day will bring but with a little perseverance and a lot of prayer, it can all work out in the end!:)

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10 Responses to So We Flew

  1. kate says:

    Wow, I am very happy you made it but I can just imagine how the both of you felt. cold, tired, sad, holding back the tears… nothing like plans gone bad. Im glad you could fly. Enjoy your family.

  2. Marc says:

    Yeah, renting a car in NYC is a pain. Read the small print if you ever do rent something, they’ll even try to charge you more because you live in Brooklyn, seriously. (I don’t know why though.) Glad to hear you made it though!

  3. Shannon says:

    Wow, I am so glad that you guys made it. That is so incredibly disappointing and makes you wonder at the workings of such a rental company. Brutal. Flying was probably nicer in the end (despite the tantrums) in that you got there super fast. I hope that your visit at home is awesome. Say hello to Maryanne and her family for me. xoxo

  4. Sarah Kang says:

    wow what a crazy story! glad you got there safe & sound. btw, what kinda backpack is micah wearing? is it a teddy bear? cute. :)

  5. Grace says:

    So so glad you made it! Was so good to spend time with you:)

  6. Anonymous says:

    What a terrible Christmas it would have been without you, after the long-term plan to be together! Mom

  7. Adrienne says:

    How utterly frustrating!! I can’t believe a business would do that on Christmas. I’m so glad you made it to Atlanta though. I can certainly sympathize. We were supposed to fly out at 7am this morning and due to weather we are still here and couldn’t get another flight out of the metro area until FRIDAY!! I’m afraid I didn’t hold back the tears. But we decided to make the best of it and at least we are safe in our warm little home on Christmas.

  8. Corrin says:

    I’m so glad you made it there in time for Christmas!

  9. Bethany says:

    Wow! What a story! I can’t imagine how much frustration you must have felt. Praise God for last minute plane tickets and a safe arrival in Atlanta. Although there were dirty looks on the plane, I’m sure there were plenty of sympathetic people as well who were offering up prayers for the parents with young kids in tow! :-)

  10. Rebekah says:

    What an adventure you had! I am glad you got through alright … Adrienne wasn’t the only friend of ours who got stuck at home for Christmas because of the nasty snow.Also, have you tried/heard of Zipcar? You might have the same problem with your license and needing a credit card, but we found it to be VERY very helpful when we needed a car to run to Fairway or wanted to take a day trip somewhere. Hope all is well with you. Happy New Years! =)

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