I Learned A Few Things This Christmas…

This Christmas, I learned a thing or two I didn’t know a year ago:

  1. My son can command the attention of an entire large, Southern Baptist congregation by shouting a hearty “yaaaaaay” and clapping excitedly at the end of a Christmas Eve choir performance! The pastor’s response? “Amen to that!”
  2. Baby monitors will pick up noises from other people if only the receiver is on and not the base as well! We accidentally discovered this several times in the last week. So if you want to spy on your neighbors…hear their child crying, listen to their bad musical choices, etc…this is an easy way to do that!;)
  3. It is NOT a good idea to buy sticky tack for a 2 year old! He/she may decide to leave it in mommy and daddy’s bed where it will solidify to the sheets and their clothing during the night and is seemingly IMPOSSIBLE to get off!
  4. True southern aunts can not help but teach their northern nephew to say “Hey Ya’ll!:)”


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4 Responses to I Learned A Few Things This Christmas…

  1. Rick says:

    I love that second picture of Ellie. And the Christmas Eve service episode was classic!

  2. Shannon says:

    Wow, Ellie is starting to look so grown up and that cookie that Micah is eating looks scrumptious! I hope that you guys had a great New Years and I wish that I had seen Micah’s “yaaaaay!” Love you guys xo

  3. Grace says:

    Happy New Year!!!! love you all!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I need copies of some of these wonderful photos! Mom

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