Post Holidays Post

I haven’t blogged now since just before we left for the holidays. I have 12 draft articles, so more commentary to come but nothing finished so I thought I would give the 411 on the Rose Christmas.

Saturday, December 20th I got up early, walked to the subway, took the subway downtown, walked to the NJ PATH train, took that to Jersey City, walked a mile to the Enterprise Car Rental where I had a reservation.

What I did not have was a credit card. We don’t use them; we are debt free. And I had an out of state license. These were problems because apparently Enterprise doesn’t want people doing things like flying in from out of state to rent, or accepting cash rather than an IOU (though… our government also prefers IOUs, but more on that in a future Economic Parable), or accepting silly things like legal contracts in case of damage.

So I tried working angles. Passport, calling corporate, a fax of a card with my name on it, calling other rental companies (nothing available). Who could I borrow from? “Hi honey I’m home, Christmas is cancelled, we cant go.”  but look, a flight today out of JFK. I go to see if Susanna is ok with that, I go back down to book it… its gone. Finally we secure a flight out of LaGuardia.

Confession: The airlines have never asked us how old Micah is and so I thought they really wont care, he can just sit on my lap and we’ll go on 2 tickets. But my wife being a million times more sanctified than myself was not impressed with that. So we were not going to lie if they asked, and of course they did so we got another ticket for Micah at check-in and switched to a nonstop.

Our new flight was later and ended up being delayed a couple hours. Micah and Ellie were GREAT for about 8 hours in the airport… they were DONE when we boarded.

Fast forward to a couple days before our return trip and I realize that extra seat for Micah may not have been round trip. It wasn’t. Plus even after leaving things behind our luggage was now overweight so it was about $500 more to get home. Graciously my mom let us borrow her van to drive home. It was cheaper, we could get all our stuff home, and we have to go back in March anyway.

The kids were amazing on the drive home. I brought my twin 200 cd binders full of my music (everything is on MP3, I’d left the originals at my parents) to listen on the drive… we listened to about 2 hours of my cds and 12 hours of kids music

There is a flu going around Brooklyn that even when you are over it, it still seems to infect others. I suspect we may have brought it with us. Or my niece was chewing on some public toys or something I’m told. In any case, about 8 family members got the flu on our visit.

I also picked up poison ivy. One spot wouldn’t stop seeping and now it looks like a bullet wound.

When we returned home, I made it to work 2 days, then promptly got a nasty throat infection that my brother had picked up somehow. I’m about 80% today

that’s where I’ve been. But all that aside, it was great to see family and a fun time was had by all. I hope everyone else had a great Christmas as well.

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5 Responses to Post Holidays Post

  1. grace says:

    Wow…that is a lot in one Christmas break! I hope you are feeling better and that the kids did not catch your throat infection!

  2. Daniel says:

    Ah, the holidays. How did you catch poison ivy? Maybe it was that forest we played tennis in…

  3. bchallies says:

    How in the world did you come into contact with poison ivy!!!??? DId you have other music for Micah, or just listen to the cd’s I bought him?…In any case, all is well that ends well! It was lovely seeing you all. Mom

  4. Rick says:

    I am SO thankful we were able to drive home and I agree…the kids were AMAZING! Little troopers! And mom, it was the cds you gave Micah for Christmas that we listened to! Thanks for them…they were a life saver!!!:)

  5. Wow, the holidays sounded like a great time, although very challenging! I’m glad to hear that you guys are debt free. I only wish I could say the same…will you be my financial advisor??

    Again, how on earth did you get poison ivy? Did it last long? Anyways, glad to hear that you are feeling better. Love you guys :)

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