Saturday In Mystic

We’re taking many a day trip these days, eternally indebted to mom Rose who has let us have the use of her van for a few months until we return to Atlanta for a wedding in March! It has not taken us long to learn that the surrounding area is absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful and in the winter…it is just…amazing! How blessed we are to have this opportunity to freely explore it!

Here are pictures from our trip last Saturday to Mystic, Connecticut. For anyone who has watched the movie “Mystic Pizza,”(an early Julia Roberts film) this is where much of the movie was filmed and one can find the Mystic Pizza featured in the movie right in town. As we found out, it is pretty delicious! There are many little quaint shops to visit as well as the Mystic Seaport, etc.

Rick, Ellie and I are returning to Mystic again tonight and Saturday while our dear friend, “Auntie” Elizabeth stays with Micah overnight at our place! After several offers from her to look after our son, we decided this was the perfect weekend. A little date time…can’t wait!:)

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8 Responses to Saturday In Mystic

  1. SYK says:

    i was wondering how you guys have gotten to all these places! that’s great you have a temporary van! feel free to visit us in NJ hehe. we’d love to have you over if you have time. :)btw, always wanted to go to mystic after seeing the movie. will have to check it out. also, ended up buying dark chocolate yesterday after reading your post. mmm. hit the spot.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How beautiful – was waiting for those. I will email you Betty’s phone number so can try to contact her if you want….Have a good weekend! Love, Mom

  3. Grace says:

    Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful time!!!!!

  4. Susanna Rose says:

    Sarah, We may just take you up on that offer to visit! I’ll let you know…thanks for the invite!:)

  5. Andrew says:

    Mystic looks like a pretty place. Like the photos of the town and of you guys of course. Also loved the pictures from a few days ago of Micah sledding. I also got your letter this week. Thanks for sending it; I enjoyed reading it. I’ll try to call you today or tomorrow.

  6. Shannon says:

    Congrats on a weekend away!! I love your pictures and I especially love the picture of Ellie and Micah with Rick on what looks like a boat? dock? not sure. Anyways, Ellie is looking at Micah with such interest and adoration! he is going to be such an important person in her life.

  7. rick says:

    It was fun! Thanks to Elizabeth who wins the most sacrificial, serving person of the year award!

  8. Mella says:

    Oh, I love Mystic. It’s a great place to visit! I forget sometimes, how close NYC is to New England. Seems much, much, further than the couple of hours that it is.

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