Welcome to the U.S.S.A.

Comrade, let me welcome you to the United Socialist States of America. It’s been a long voyage, you may not realize you’d left, but you have most certainly arrived.

In the USSA, we care about the peasant class, the poor, the workers. So much so that we are carefully tending to new ways of creating more poor and downtrodden. The “stimulus” bill takes the sickle to the 96 welfare reform and re-institutes incentives for states to have more poor rather than less. More money for those who don’t work (read details).

In the USSA, we hate the rich. Those with money are detestable, and we will see to it that you are never in danger of becoming one of them.

In the USSA, we want more federalized jobs. Because if you must work, you want to be eternally secure in your incompetance.

In the USSA, we have no self will, no sense of responsibility, no knowledge of history, no knowledge of our own Constitution, no hope of a brighter future. In the USSA we have our selfish will, we claim no responsibility, we ignore history, we trample the Constitution, and we mortage our children’s future in order to fund the grapes and wine on our own tables for another year.

The problem is, this is a one way pass. There is no alternative, no country shining the beacon of liberty, and no new world to flee to. How did we get here? Liberals were always liberal, but Conservatives were not always liberal too. Don’t think that John McCain wouldn’t be doing the exact same thing. We’re forming a coup. It’s called the Libertarian Party. Do yourself a favor and get a ticket to this boat.

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6 Responses to Welcome to the U.S.S.A.

  1. Grace says:

    I like that…U.S.S.A…it really is frightening, isn’t it?

  2. Susanna Rose says:

    Where did you find that flag? Clever! I especially find it frightening to think that the future looks so grim for our children! NO ONE seems to be forward thinking anymore and as you say, this country has become completely self centered and self destructive.

  3. Mom C says:

    Calling Ron Paul…Calling Ron Paul…

  4. maryanne helms says:

    well, well said. Excellent points. i am so sad these days, just thinking of the changes ahead for my children. I would give anything to give them what I had growing up, and now there seems so little to pass on.

  5. Myron says:

    I am sadden by what I see happening in our great country, it breaks my heart. The toppling of GM and Chrysler (thank God at least Ford is ok for now); OH, what has become of the greatest nation on earth? I don’t know if there are any believers in here who believe in God, but those who don’t need to know Christ because His second coming is upon us. There is so much evidence all around us.

    God Bless America…

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