Not hard to see

I would like everyone to take the following challenge.

Go to the US Post Office to ship an overnight package. Don’t bring a box, just show up and ask the person at the counter for a box and ask some questions about the shipment. Now go to FedEx and do the same thing.

Now ask yourself if you want more Government in your life or less? Which was the friendly, pleasant experience? Where was the wait shortest and the workers most competent?

And you think you want Government involved in your healthcare, your retirement, your child’s education, controlling your banks and money supply, making decisions and policy about your life?

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2 Responses to Not hard to see

  1. bchallies says:

    If I find time today, will try….Have you actually done this? Tell us about it…. Mom

  2. Susanna Rose says:

    I’ll try it!;) With 2 kids in tow and looking like a teenage mother, I’m sure they’ll give me the friendliest, best service ever!!!;)

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