Children’s Rights

If you are anything like me, you may have been gravely mistaken in your understanding of oppression and child abuse. Let me clarify for you:

Oppression is teaching your child about God, teaching morals and absolute standards. Child abuse is not respecting your childs autonomous authority to do as he pleases. It is not giving your child privacy to brood in self-destructive activities. But mostly it is teaching religion which is the worst form of abuse.

Now allow me to set you straight about what children’s rights and liberation is:

Killing 40-50 million unborn babies in the world per year (compare to 5-6 million holocaust victims, which was I suppose liberation on a smaller scale?).

Fox News reports on the the international childs rights treaty that will set us all straight on the above points. Somalia and the Unites States are the only countries that have not already signed on. Barbara Boxer would like to change that.

Folks, this is extremely important. We CANNOT have children growing up with a sense of moral right and wrong. Children who may grow up to take away our right to kill our unborn!

And in related news, the dictator of the Rose household has anounced veto power over all state, federal, and international law. Arrest me if you wish, Christianity will be taught without competition when you enter the threshhold of this home.

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4 Responses to Children’s Rights

  1. Grace says:

    Good for you, Rick:)

  2. bchallies says:

    May your dictatorship flourish and spread! MomC

  3. Susanna says:

    Love you babe! Now I think we need a more recent picture of Micah with the bible!:) And I will say that the dictator of the Rose household is not very fierce so if you really want to scare your subjects into greater submission, you may want to growl once in a while or perhaps begin a “Heil Rick” ritual!!!;)

  4. Daniel says:

    The Rooster Rabbi did away with his habit of ruling with an iron fist years ago. He found that it only stirred up unruliness and dissension among the masses. With the counsel of his Council (of which yours truly was a founding member), he decided that a reign of compassion and peace was preferable to one of fierce tyranny. Be thankful…in his day, he could be quite the oppressor.

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