Cowardly Christian

She was telling me much about her life so I decided to be transparent about mine. I told her about my desire to volunteer at a maternity home and I could tell she was closing down and didn’t want to hear about it but I decided we were on my turf. I wanted to at least finish up where I had started out. After all, this possible opportunity is really laying heavily on my heart right now and I do not want to fear speaking about it to those I know may not necessarily support the choice these women are making. I told her about the possibility I was excited about of having pregnant mothers over from the home and she seemed suspicious. Why do you want to have them over?” she kept asking. I went through all the answers except the most important. “Because I can teach them how to cook some simple meals. Because I can be a mentor of sorts. Because I want to be a friend to them.”

I’ve already written about another cowardly experience and now I have yet another one to add to my record as the most cowardly Christian that ever was. “Because I can do bible studies with them” could have been an answer. After all…this is one of the main desires of the director and a good desire as these women need to hear the gospel as many times as possible during their stays at the home. But, I left that one out. Granted she didn’t seem to want to hear any more about the opportunity.

But I think all along the one I left out was the answer she was fishing for.

What do you think? How do we wisely share different information as Christians, specifically when speaking about issues like abortion with friends who do not share our views?

Maternity Home Update:
For all who have asked about my experience at the maternity home, it was, in a nutshell not what I expected but I will not give up trying to get involved where I can. At the particular home I visited last Friday, there are actually no women staying there right now. The director had not told me this most important fact. But, we are going to keep in touch every week…when there are women there, she will let me know and I will have them over Lord Willing. Until then, she will pass along weekly prayer requests to me. There is also another home I am looking into for volunteer opportunities. God will provide…I think He is teaching me about perseverance!

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3 Responses to Cowardly Christian

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure there is a “wise” way of sharing our Christian priorities with others…I think you can only be honest in a natural way and let the chips fall where they may…Glad you are persevering! Mom

  2. Grace says:

    Susanna,It’s interesting that you posted this today. Last night our bible study was about how we should share the gospel. We all agreed that it’s hard…we are cowardly, we fear rejection…we fear not having the words. However, we are witnesses and even your having women from the maternity home into your house, is a witness.

  3. sarahykang says:

    hey susanna, i can totally relate! it’s hard. and so much easier to not share about things that could cause negative reactions. ive been in many similar situations as the ones you describe. i just pray that God will help me and hope to keep pressing fwd… he knows our weaknesses/sins and loves us regardless.

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