Maternity Home Update

I have still remained in contact with the director of the maternity home I became interested in a few months ago and had almost entirely given up on anything happening there when I got an email last night saying there is a finally a resident at the home again for the first time in a while. Only one but better than none! I don’t know her story yet but I hope this means I can have her into our home soon and get to know her!

If you think about it, please pray this girl will stay at the home and follow through with the program they have set up there. It is fairly strict and many of the girls bail out within the first few weeks, mostly because they are not allowed to use their cell phones in case they get in touch with their boyfriends and this restriction is too much for most of them to handle. But if they commit to the program, they can find a job, further their education, find housing, and most of all, be immersed in Christian teaching.

I am so thankful a new girl has come to the home. How quickly I have let the initial passion I felt begin to wane but thankfully, God has reminded me that He still wants me to be involved in this ministry.

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3 Responses to Maternity Home Update

  1. Grace says:

    I hope it all works out! I’m glad to hear that someone is staying there again:)

  2. Anonymous says:

    WIll do…Hope it works, and that you will both be blessed through the contact…Mom

  3. Sara says:

    Why does the maternity home want to restrict contact between the women and their boyfriends? I would think that during pregnancy the most natural thing in the world a woman would want is contact with her partner. Why does the maternity home want to sever that bond (unless, of course, the boyfriends are known to be abusive). These women are adults- or at least old enough to be mothers- shouldn’t they be the ones making the decision about who they talk to and who they don’t?

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