The Keith Green Story

I found this 7 part series on You Tube a few months ago. After watching it again last week, I thought I would share it on my blog as I find it a highly inspirational, spiritually challenging series to watch. You can’t hear about the life of Keith Green without feeling challenged. This series shows rare footage of Green from the time he was just a young hippie artist to his tragic death and interviews Melody Green, Randy Stonehill, his daughters who did not die in the plane crash, and many other people who knew him. I must say I find Randy Stonehill’s attitude somewhat troubling as he seems to want to malign Green and make fun of him a lot of the time…I know Keith Green was not a perfect man but think it inappropriate for one such as Stonehill, supposedly one of his best friends, to speak of Green as he does.

Anyways, just watch this when you have the chance. You will not feel sorry and you will feel challenged to really dig deeper in your faith or seek tirelessly for answers if you do not believe in Jesus. From the beginning of his walk with God to the end, Keith Green never lived his faith half way and he wanted so desperately to find the truth and once he did, share it with anyone and everyone. I can only say I look forward to meeting him one day…

If you know the music of Keith Green, what is your favorite song? Mine is “Dust to Dust.” “Sometimes it’s hard to see, sometimes it’s hard to get through to me but I want to do all that you ask me to. Help me to follow through, make every day a devotion to you cause it’s dust to dust until we learn how to trust.”

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2 Responses to The Keith Green Story

  1. Anonymous says:

    Will be fun to go through the series…My favorite is “Song for my Parents”…Mom

  2. Grace says:

    I’ll have to watch these.

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