For Mom, With Love

Mom, you wanted this picture and I keep forgetting to post it. Well, here it is!

The J&B Challies Clan, March 2009

(Now if only someone would photoshop dad in, working and thus missing, this picture would be perfect!:)
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8 Responses to For Mom, With Love

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank You ! Oleg

  2. Betty says:


  3. Grace says:

    I LOVE IT!

  4. Adrienne says:

    I love family pictures!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Hon….I love it! Mom

  6. Shannon says:

    This is such a great picture Susanna. I love looking at it over and over and thinking back to when were teenagers!! Where we have all come in all these years. Beautiful.

  7. kate says:

    Such a beautiful family. I miss you all.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful. Except for me, the blob of black in the front. EWWW! Love ya!Maryanne

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