Death Is Not Dying: A Mother's Testimony

Rachel Barkey with her family

Yesterday afternoon, the kids were napping and Rick was out getting top soil for our burgeoning backyard garden. I was looking at a Christian mom’s blog and came upon this story of Rachel Barkey, a wife and mother in Vancouver, British Columbia, who is dying of Cancer. She could die any day now…the doctors have given her mere weeks or months to live.

In March, she was asked to share her testimony before several hundred women and let me tell you, what she has to share is incredible. If I was dying of a terminal illness, I would only hope I could have even an ounce of her faith and hope, especially in the midst of knowing she is leaving behind two young children and her husband. Each time she spoke of them, her voice broke and she had to pause for several moments yet because she cares so much for her faith in Jesus to be known and his work in her life, she kept on speaking.

So many things she said stuck with me. For example, she stated calmly, “I am dying but so are you. No one knows if they will see tomorrow.” How true. A few other quotes I copied down are as follows:

  • “Several People have asked me lately, Why would God take you away from your family when a murderer or rapist gets to live a long life?” The implicit assumption there is that I am a good person and I deserve better. But I am not a good person and I do not deserve better.”
  • “Doing things on the outside does not change the inside. Our hearts are still the same.”
  • “Don’t just dismiss God because you think you know who He is.”
  • “The gospel is not just a ticket to heaven. It is a whole way of living.”

Watch her story here.

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3 Responses to Death Is Not Dying: A Mother's Testimony

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have known her story is out there but, reading your quotes, I see I've got to take the time to listen to it properly. Thanks! Mom

  2. Grace says:

    I did watch the video of her speaking…you know what was the most amazing part? That when she spoke of heaven her entire face was glowing with joy…here I am crying as she talks about leaving her children…and there she is looking so peaceful. Thank you for sharing…very good reminder of what matters in this life and how we need to remember that we are all dying.

  3. Rick says:

    I'm certainly not there and didn't learn much from Sunday's sermon I suppose. I can't click and watch this video, so I know I wouldn't be handling the situation well! I've refused to watch anymore Extreme Home Makeover as every week is some dead or dying parent and it is too traumatic to think about leaving my wife and kids behind at this point. I'd just assume Jesus come back and then we can all go together. Like Micah sings – "Jesus coming this I know, for the Bible tells me so"

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