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Young Love

Playing it up for the camera: Micah & pal Vivian

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Today I felt slightly disheartened as I walked home with the kids from a morning jog in Prospect Park. Ellie began continually sticking her hands out of the stroller and under the rims that go over the rear wheels of … Continue reading

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Mother. Grandmother. “Mimi.” Micah misses you- we all miss you already…please come and visit again soon! “Mother’s hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.” -Unknown

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Micah wants to cuddle with Ellie but unfortunately, though she loves her big brother dearly, she makes it very clear she has other plans on her agenda (which do not include snuggling)! Ah well…maybe next time Micah! Get off me … Continue reading

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It’s not reverse discrimination

I keep seeing quotes like this: “Inside, the audience included a small group of New Haven, Conn., firefighters, including Frank Ricci, whose reverse discrimination claim was rejected by Sotomayor’s appeals court panel. The Supreme Court subsequently reversed that panel’s ruling.” … Continue reading

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Moments That Count

Chapman performing “Cinderella.” I was brought to tears a few months ago while watching an interview with Christian music artist Steven Curtis Chapman’s wife Mary Beth. (I’ve been a lover of Chapman’s music for years now and from what I … Continue reading

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The Cunning Eater

Micah is still a fairly picky, disinterested eater but fortunately seems to be growing a little less picky. On the bright side, He’ll eat a variety of fruits and loves certain raw vegetables such as red pepper and carrots. Chicken … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Ellie Belle!

It’s been a year since the day Ellie Rebekah Rose was born. Rick, Micah and I, along with our friend Tom, walked back from the hospital (they had told me I could go out to walk for a while if … Continue reading

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I'm Always Busy

(Don’t let these serious pictures fool you…our Micah is still as silly and active as ever!:) Micah at Coney Island, playing with Auntie Steph

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I'm So Cute

Ellie and Auntie Steph at an early 1st and 3rd birthday party for the kids we held with Grandma and Grandpa Rose last week since they were visiting near their actual birthdays (At Coney Island in her adorable new outfit … Continue reading

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