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Hold My Hand

Yesterday a group of us who live close to each other walked home together from church. My friend Lulu snapped these pictures of Micah and his friend Ellie who decided that even though he was walking and she was in … Continue reading

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Dear Babies

Dear babies, Thank you for being such blessings in my life and for showing me on a daily basis how much I need God! I try and try to raise you both in my own strength but that continually fails … Continue reading

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Micah turns 3, stars in music video

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Precious Cora

I just read that Cora means “Maiden.” What a beautiful little maiden my new niece is! I can’t wait to get my hands on you in September, Cora Grace!

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So Yes, I'm Pregnant!

(Will I have to buy one of these?;)

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My New Niece

Cora Grace FryeAugust 20, 20097lbs, 4oz

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Happy Food Wearing

Live, laugh, love food is Ellie’s motto these days. When my Micah is one of the pickiest eaters around, I don’t mind the mess this girl makes. I’m just glad she enjoys food so much!:)

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(Click on pictures to enlarge:) “Friends are friends forever if the Lord’s the Lord of them…” Recently, a group of women in our church got together to celebrate our dear friend Adrienne before she, her husband Chris and two little … Continue reading

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Understanding History

I’m intrigued by history and plagued by a desire to understand all the facts. Plagued because it proves an impossible task. I want to start at the beginning and move forward, but history isn’t as neat as that. I also … Continue reading

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The Jonus Brothers vs. Forced Female Raunch

Tonight I have been pondering an article I read about the latest news regarding singer/actress Miley Cyrus. As a mother to a daughter who will eventually gain a curiosity for the pop culture that bombards this country, it is particularly … Continue reading

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