Hold My Hand

Yesterday a group of us who live close to each other walked home together from church. My friend Lulu snapped these pictures of Micah and his friend Ellie who decided that even though he was walking and she was in her stroller, they must still hold hands! It was adorable!

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4 Responses to Hold My Hand

  1. Andrew says:

    Really cute pictures! So glad I got to talk to you and Micah yesterday.Talk to you again in a few days. Have fun when you go away!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks! Love them…..Mom

  3. Shannon says:

    Mira's feeling a little left out over here, even a little jealous that Ellie has all of Micah's attention : )

  4. Susanna Rose says:

    Shannon,Tell Mira she will have his full attention soon enough! Can't wait to see you guys!:)

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