Due Date, etc…

(A few random pictures…the kids at their new little Ikea table:)

Well, I went to my first prenatal appointment yesterday and found out I am about 7 1/2 weeks along, which makes this little he/she the size of a kidney bean at this point (thanks for that info Claire, always the expert on baby size!:) I never get tired of seeing each baby on the ultrasound screen, hearing the heart beat and simply knowing with out a shadow of a doubt that there is indeed a little person growing inside of me lest in the early stages, I think it all a wonderful dream!

The best part of the appointment was the doctor’s appreciation of the way Rick and I are choosing to grow our family. When I told him we want to have four children and it happens that they are all coming in pretty quick succession, he said unhesitatingly, “Good job. You are doing the right thing.” A year and a half ago when I was pregnant with Ellie, I never, ever heard such encouraging, beautiful words! I am so happy I have found a doctor who actually seems to truly love babies and families! When I arrived and when I left the office, the receptionist told me sweetly, “congratulations!” Yup, that’s the kind of treatment I’ve been waiting for!:)

Anyways, I have some of the most active children this decade has ever born;) so it will be interesting to see how this little guy/girl turns out to be. Perhaps it is the two cups of espresso I drink most days? Perhaps it is the fact that I keep very active in pregnancy? It is a mystery to me…it truly is but these little Rose children are set for marathon stardom or baseball greatness or climbing Mount Everest or something! Their battery just never slows down as much as I let them tare around the playground each day, it always seems they could be there all day, all night and never feel physically tired! Hey, keeps me fit just keeping on top of them much less fitting more formal exercise in!

Another life beginning. I am in awe once more!:)

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11 Responses to Due Date, etc…

  1. Susanna Rose says:

    Oh, and after all that I forgot to mention the due date: April 29th!:)

  2. Vanessa says:

    Congrats Susanna :) Finding a supportive health care provider is such a blessing!!I'm also expecting, and am about 11 weeks along (an ultrasound this Fri. to confirm). I hope you're still feeling energetic and healthy to keep up with your cute little pair.Blessings!

  3. kate says:

    Congrats!!! I forgot to leave the comment on yor very initial pregnancy post. So sorry.I am so happy to hear you have found a supportive doctor.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward the the next two, and especially seeing you all next weekDad

  5. Anonymous says:

    SO glad all went well – right down to the doctor! Mom

  6. Adrienne says:

    Yay! A spring baby at last! No more pregnancy through hot summers. (Can you tell that's important to me? I can only hope the same for me next time around!) Anyway, truly excited to see who this next little one turns out to be!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ditto on the congrats and so glad you like the Dr. too! Mom R.

  8. Daniel Morgan says:

    I vote for baseball greatness.

  9. Miriam says:

    I'm both glad to hear you found a doctor who is quick to encourage and jealous because your doctor is in New York! Perhaps my Ob/Gyn will be as supportive of a "large" family as yours is. I can at least hope for it!

  10. Christy says:

    Congrats Susanna! So thrilled for you guys. Hope you're feeling ok!

  11. Shannon says:

    That is great that you have found a doctor who is on your side!! Congrats on the due date!!

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