As I’ve already said before, we are not going to find out the sex of this baby so that will be a surprise but we couldn’t keep both the sex and the name a secret! That is simply too much surprise for me!:) So anyways, here are our boy/girl name choices as well as a background on why each name is special to us! And yes, we do decide early, almost as soon as I find out I’m pregnant…call it the benefit of sharing the same taste in names!:)

Natalie Grace

Sentimental Value: While looking in a thick book Rick has of the Rose family genealogy on different occasions, we found a Natalie Grace Nicodemus, a cousin of Rick’s grandfather Rose. We love the name and the way the two sound together. As her surname suggests, she was Jewish as was Rick’s great-grandmother, her aunt. As a Christian, I just think it is neat to know this background and find it interesting to be married to someone with Czech, German and Jewish ancestry when my ancestry is very completely different, very Anglo-Saxon…French, Scottish, Irish, Dutch…interesting for sure but still fun to have a difference!:) It also doesn’t hurt that my younger sister’s name is Grace! Anyways, we kept narrowing our name choices down and decided on this one for a girl over a month ago now.

Meaning: The name Natalie means “Birthday,”alluding to the birthday of Christ and Grace means “Favor” as in the favor shown us by Christ when looking at the name in a New Testament sense. As Christians, Grace means so much more than we could ever adequately express. We would be no where with out the Grace of Jesus Christ to save us despite our sin. “Grace paid for my sins and brought me to life…!”

Josiah Luke

Sentimental Value: One of my favorite songs growing up was “Song for Josiah” by the late Christian singer/songwriter Keith Green. The passionate way Green sung about the difficult life his son Josiah would have to live as a Christian, as if tears were streaming down the face of a father who knew the wickedness of this world and was heartbroken his son would have to encounter it, really resonated with me. Yet, throughout the song, Green continually points his son to Jesus who will lead and guide him even when his earthly father can not. “Oh my son, I am weak and I’m trembling, for the Lord I am always remembering. Oh what a strong shepherd holds you in His arms. He’ll break you and make you his own, and then take you home…” And voila, I meet Rick who also loved Keith Green growing up and loves the name Josiah…an easy sell!:)

The biblical Josiah: He became king of Judah at the ripe old age of….8! Yes, 8 years old! He reigned for 31 years and, among other endeavors, was very passionate about removing any false idols from the land. He was a good king, faithful to God all his years.

Meaning: Josiah means “The Lord Saves” so who could ask for a better more poignant meaning? The Lord saves and no other. Luke means “Giver of Light.” The Lord is the ultimate giver of life and then we are given the awesome privilege or becoming bearers or that light when He saves us.
Man, I should do this exercise for all my children! It makes me get goose bumps to think how much meaning names endow, especially biblical names!
Well, there you go. I hope it is not too tacky to expose our name choices so early on but I’m actually really glad I did this because I’ve learned a thing or two along the way! Now which one will we end up using I wonder?!:)

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6 Responses to Names!

  1. Adrienne says:

    I absolutely love the rich history and wonderful meanings behind both of these names. A perfect sequel to Micah and Ellie!

  2. Susanna Rose says:

    Thank you Adrienne! I miss you my friend!:)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great names and a good education in word derivation! Mom

  4. Grace says:

    Wow…great name choices! I love them both…I guess you guys may get Luke after all:) Seriously, I love both names and cannot wait to find out what this little one is!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good choice of names. I think Natalie Nicodemus would have been a bit confusing. If the baby turns out to be a girl I suppose it will end up being Natty Gwace!Dad

  6. Jason and Kim Vinson says:

    How beautiful. You brought me to tears again sharing your stories.

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