Christmas Epitaph

Christmas day came and went. No more crazy din of 10 cousins laughing, crying, chattering and play fighting. Though loved ones near and far have all gone home, memories were made and will be in our hearts always!

Here is a small glimpse of our Christmas this year!

Cousin love: Michaela, Ellie, Micah and Abby
Little Cora
Mimi with Ellie, Anna and Abby


Micah on the tracks outside Mimi and Beba’s house for a photo…no train in sight, don’t worry!;)

Ellie gets her Raggedy Ann doll

Abby & Anna

Another year gone, a new one about to bloom! Happy New Year!

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2 Responses to Christmas Epitaph

  1. Grace says:

    Miss all the cousins and their parents! Happy New YEar!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the photos…Miss you all SO MUCH!!!!

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