Yellow Cheer

Something got me thinking about the healing nature of color today and thus I’m taking a break from the ordinary on this site. Since living in an apartment with dark green carpeting, I have missed decorating with colors such as yellow and red as we have found other hues (such as soft green, soft cream and plum) better distract the eye from the bold carpeting. But, I have heard and found in my own experience that yellow is a good color to surround oneself with, a mood lifter if you will. (I guess it makes sense…God did not create a yellow sun for nothing!) I figure if I can not use it right now on walls or other more obvious surfaces, I do not have to give up on it all together!

How? For example, these now glassless frames I’ve had lying around forever. I decorated them with the few materials this non-crafty mama had lying around (which unfortunately did not even include glue thus the some what obvious tape;) and will put them in the kid’s rooms.

Also, these bedrooms I found online…sometimes simply seeing pictures of a room bathed in yellow is relaxing and uplifting enough in itself! Once we feel the freedom to paint in other colors again, my first pick will be yellow!:)

Do you find a particular color(s) lifts your spirits?

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8 Responses to Yellow Cheer

  1. Grace says:

    First of all, that nursery is amazing! (where did you find it?) Second…not crafty? YOu? Whatever. Love those frames…you certainly made them look good! I love yellow…thus two yellow rooms in my house:) Also love red, green…something about green and cream really sooth me.

  2. Becca says:

    Every time you've said you're not crafty on your blog, you've posted something adorable. :) The pictures are SO fun!I too like yellow (Asa's room is golden yellow stripes). Sage green and brighter blues are happy and calming to me as well. :)

  3. Jody says:

    I love the color green, maybe it reminds me of spring and warmer weather. I live in New York and it is going to be COOOOOLLLLLLLD. Love these pictures too.

  4. maryanne says:

    You show yourself to NOT be non-crafty. If you stopped thinking about how not crafty you were, you would be painting for the local gallery.Very cute. And cute subjects, too.Did you ever find a rug to cover the green carpet?

  5. SYK says:

    susanna, you ARE creative! great job with the frames… i dont think i would've thought of that.we painted our bedroom yellow. i love it. it does bring cheer to the room. complements the blue sky in the windows…you should totally do it! :)

  6. Adrienne says:

    I love what you did with those frames. And the pictures inside are perfect! Growing up, my bedroom was yellow and I loved spending time there. In our current apartment, I have hardly decorated since we don't plan on being here that long. But currently, out of convenience, I have this bowl of oranges on the table, and the bright orange catches my eye every time I walk past it and it makes me feel happy. Color is amazing.

  7. Johannah says:

    Chocolate brown makes me happy lately–and sad, as I am dieting and can't eat the stuff…

  8. Anonymous says:

    You grew up with lots of yellow on the walls – not bright but still very pleasant…Mom

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