Building Great Cathedrals

“For admiration of what you are building when no one sees.”

A friend recently forwarded around a segment of a talk by a women who gave a powerful speech entitled, “The Invisible Woman.” The speaker gives examples of how she often feels she has become all but invisible to many, going about her day with out any notice for what she accomplishes.

But then a book given to her by a friend about the great cathedrals of Europe caught her attention and the inscription inside, “For admiration of what you are building when no one sees.” The book gave accounts of who built the cathedrals, how long it took (often at least 100 years) and what those involved were building for. Most of those involved in the process would NEVER live to see the finished results of their labor so what was the point of it all? One man was even asked why he bothered carving an intricate bird inside a hidden corner of a cathedral wall when no one was ever going to see it. He reportedly replied, “Because God sees it.”

“Because God sees it.” So simple yet so profound. As mothers, we may do so much for our children that goes unnoticed…we may feel we are building, building, building but where are the accolades? Where are the trophies? Where are the pay raises? But God sees. He knows what our work will accomplish if we do it to His glory.

Like most involved in building the great cathedrals, we will never see the ultimate results of our labors. Those eternal things that can never be weighed or measured on this earth. Like them, our names may even become forgotten in generations to come. Like Moses never saw the promised land. Like Abraham never lived to see his multitudes of children. Because God sees. Because God sees. Because God sees. If that promise can be enough for a poor surf, likely starving and working for little to no pay on a beautiful bird that is his gift to God, then I think we as moms can all find much hope in this reality. That in every thing great or small we invest in our families, we do not ultimately do it for them but for God.

WE are building great cathedrals!

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6 Responses to Building Great Cathedrals

  1. Rick Rose says:

    Well said and you do the work well!

  2. Grace says:

    I saw that same video…I love the comparison:)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great post, Hon…Even though I detest cathedrals, I love the imagery you used…Mom

  4. helms family says:

    HA Ha! Mom's comment. Not surprised by that:). Exactly. Wouldn't that be the same for most of our lives? No one sees, God sees. WE walk by faith and not by sight that He notices our every thought. And action. All that we give our children is seen by Him. And he "gently leads those with young". What a promise!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Peter uses the analogy of the temple to describe what God is busy doing with our lives when he says that Christ is the living stone – not the dead cathedral stones that drain the blood out of your mother – and that we are because we are united to him, are "like living stones…being built up as a spiritual house…"Dad

  6. Susanna Rose says:

    Dad-I've never heard of Peter's analogy before of cathedral stones draining the blood out of your mother. I am trying to find the passage though. Anyways, I guess at the end of the day, I just love the analogy of mother's building something…whether it be a temple or what have you, it is just a powerful analogy to me and one that spurs me on!:)

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