Mother, Where Art Thou?:)

“I wonder if mom’s up yet,” I thought this morning as I rolled over and contemplated getting out of bed for the tenth time. I imagined at this point she was likely sitting quietly in the kitchen, reading her bible and eating toast. She’s not one to sleep in past seven or so. It sounded all quiet on the kid front…no stirring yet, a welcome change from the last few mornings or early rising youngsters, wanting to jump on our bed, jump on us…energy before we’re feeling energy.

Alas, it hit me. My mother is not upstairs. She is not going to be around today to converse with, to clean with (or to watch clean might be a better way of putting it;), to do life together. Mom is gone, mimi is gone. At least for a few weeks, when thankfully, the birth of another grandchild will hearken her and my dad from Tennessee back to their now Yankee daughter!

Her visits always remind me, as a young mother, how nice it is to realize in a fuller way that I too have a mother. She labored for me when I was a young, demanding, ultra self-centered toddler just as I seek to do the same with my toddlers now. She worried on my behalf and had many sleepless nights wondering whether she was doing the best with her brood of five. She tended to us earnestly throughout the years, never questioning the validity of her role. Mother it was and she made it look like a pretty esteemable position.

A mother is a mother is a mother. There is no substitute. As the years fly by, would I be that selfless bulwark to my children as well!


And, the kids last night with their dear little buddy Ellie M…

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5 Responses to Mother, Where Art Thou?:)

  1. Grace says:

    I can imagine the disappointment of no mom/mimi…but I'm sure glad we'll be able to see her! She's been missed! Love you all! Great pictures.

  2. Anonymous says:

    glad you are on the home-stretch of pregnancy. and so glad that the worst of the physical demand will be over in just a few weeks. Late pregnancy is harder than early infancy- i always find.glad you got some extra sleep. that alone does wonders for the mood and perspective, doesn't it? love ya!maryanne

  3. Anonymous says:

    It was a pleasure to labor in your little sheep – rather – lambfold! Love you all, and miss you always, Mom

  4. SYK says:

    that's so sweet susanna… you're looking good! :) all the best…

  5. Adrienne says:

    Priceless pictures!

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