Flower Therapy

I know I spend most of my writing time these days complaining about the state of our poor camera. Well, today I figured, if I can’t get good pictures right now, I can live vicariously through those who can! This mom blogger, whom I recently discovered, took these amazing pictures of Zinnias from her garden…I saw the pictures and just sat in awe of the vibrant beauty of the flowers!

Sometimes it just takes a few moments of admiring God’s creation to realize there really is therapy in it. It is wondrous and incredible. And even if we can’t smell the flowers or touch them, even the site of them is more than enough!

If you think these pictures are beautiful, check out Darby’s blog, fly through our window! You will not be disappointed!:)

Happy Friday!

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One Response to Flower Therapy

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don't like red ordinarily, but LOVE bright, read flowers!

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