Tough Explanation

During lunch on Monday, this picture of Rick, Ellie and I lay on the kitchen table. Micah picked it up and asked in a little voice, “Why isn’t Micah in the picture?” Gulp. I tried to explain to him as best I could.

This picture was taken on a missions trip Rick and I took to New Mexico last year. We helped serve on a Navajo Indian Reserve for a week. Ellie was still breastfeeding so we decided we had to take her but left Micah with Grandma Rose as having both of them with us would have been extremely difficult. It was hard to explain to Micah. He seemed so hurt poor guy. Afterwards he stated firmly, “next time Micah will go to New Mexico too!”

Okay son! God, is there another mission’s trip in our future?:)
* * * * *
P.S. A question: some have told me they find it difficult to comment on my blog because of blogger glitches. I am working on that. I will say that sometimes the secret code one must fill out (there to inhibit spammers) does not show up at first. Simply fill out all the rest of the information needed, press post and then, the secret code will show up. Type it in, retype your password, and the comment should process successfully!:)
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4 Responses to Tough Explanation

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Grace says:

    At least he's little and has probably already forgotten:)

  3. Melissa Marini says:

    About your secret code issue… If I refresh the page before I start typing the comment the code tends to show up.

  4. Shannon says:

    How precious! Kids really do realize when they have been left out of something. Mira was devestated when I lived downtown for a week and a half for the G20 Summit. She had a really hard time getting over that. She would get upset when I'd go to work, thinking I was leaving again for a week and a half. She had nightmares about me leaving her and losing her. Heart breaking. It does, however, reinforce to our children that no matter how long we may HAVE to be separated (there are just no ways around it sometimes) we will ALWAYS come back to them. Teaches them a little independence :)

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