Defeating the Defeatist

“I can’t do it,” Micah kept repeating to me yesterday as we sat doing some “school” together. It was one of those days where we didn’t get out to do anything so I decided to pull out his preschool work book. He practised writing his letters. He was doing an amazing job. He has been writing his name for a few months now and was writing most of the other letters in the alphabet with out a problem. But, at one point, he was finding one particularly difficult to write and slumping down in his chair, he stated firmly, “I can’t do it! I can’t do it!”

It made me sad to see him saying those words with such conviction. The “I can’t do it” syndrome can get the best of us all sometimes. Yes, we all do have limitations and must accept that. But I think we all have far more capabilities than we are often able to understand because, so often, the part of us that says, “I can’t do it” can easily become a whole mindset. Now is the time when I can teach my little boy that God gave him a very good brain. God created him with out any mistakes. God gave him specific talents and if he has the guts to believe that, he can do many things to glorify God with those talents. It takes guts though to own our talents and abilities or so I find. Lord, give him those guts.

As we sat there, I decided to try something. I told Micah to repeat after me, “I am a very smart boy and God has given me a very good brain!” It took him a moment to do it but once he said those words, a smile appeared on his face and he sat up again and plodded on with his letters. Something about saying those words together helped both of us and even gave us a chance to laugh a bit together as we said them.

My boy. I see him growing and changing so much, becoming the big brother and oldest I have prayed he would become. What a blessing he is to our lives and I know that, whatever Micah does in life, he is going to bless others and leave an imprint on their lives. He already does!

*All pictures from a joint birthday party I held with my friend Mel the other day for our two August babies, Micah (almost 4) and Mel’s daughter Ellie (turned 3 on Saturday). What a fun party it was!

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5 Responses to Defeating the Defeatist

  1. Adrienne says:

    This is an encouraging little story. I have been reluctant to teach Vivian to write yet because she tends to fall into that "I can't" mindset rather quickly, so I've just been putting it off. But I think I just need to press ahead bravely and use it as a teaching opportunity like you did with Micah. Happy Birthday to Micah! That's such a cute picture of him and Ellie together.

  2. Susanna Rose says:

    THanks Adrienne! First off, Micah's real birthday isn't until the 25th but we decided to celebrate early with Ellie M!:) Also, I don't know if the phrase I told him to say was to humanistic or something…I'll have to pray about it. It was sort of in the moment that I came up with it. Regardless, I do want him to have confidence that he has been gifted BY GOD with many capabilities!:)

  3. Grace says:

    How sweet Susanna and what a great idea.

  4. Anonymous says:

    One of my favorite qualities in Micah is his enthusiasm for life…I am glad you were able to re-kindle his excitement about learning. Mom

  5. Jason and Kim Vinson says:

    What a sweet story and such uplifting words for your son. Thank you for guiding me as I'm sure we will reach a similar plateau in the next year.

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