Moments Come and Go

Setting off on our little weekend, 6th anniversary trip!:)

My friend Lauren came and then, three days later, she left. My mom came for a week long visit last Wednesday and now she takes off again for Tennesee. Our anniverary get away this past weekend, our celebration of six years of marriage, came and went…

Moments come and moments go. Time flies by. Micah will be starting his first day of pre-k next Tuesday. I remember my days in kindergarden! And it really does not seem like those days were approximately twenty-three years ago! The little girl wearing a plaid uniform dress staring back at me from across time. My little boy who will soon be wearing his navy blue uniform pants and tie with a white dress shirt. Amazing!

Time. It’s a funny thing. It feels cruel at times. And other times, it is a best friend. To us, it is a clock. A twenty-four hour system. Seconds that make up minutes that make up hours that make up days. To kids, there are too many hours in the day. To adults, there are not enough.

The family train. We got in the car first and were soon joined by more kids, strollers, and even dogs. Those without kids quickly moved to the next train car!

Our attempt to keep Amelia occupied.
Guests were forced to evacuate the hotel when a man set off the sprinkler system in his room. Three fire trucks came. It took a few hours for them to get the situation under control.

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4 Responses to Moments Come and Go

  1. Grace says:

    How fun! love seeing Amelia growing up. Hope you three had fun:)

  2. Anonymous says:

    So glad you could get away…love the photos – thanks!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love you! Hope the first week of school goes well. Take lots of pictures of the boy in his uniform! So glad you got away…what a blessing!Maryanne

  4. Anonymous says:

    Amelia looks so sweet and quite like her older sister.Dad

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