A New Blog

Followers of mommyinc – Susanna will now be blogging at http://www.rickandsusanna.com. Please update your links.

What is the new blog?

We are starting a husband/wife joint blog. Susanna will likely continue to write the majority of the time, with added articles from me. This is an evolving concept, stay tuned for details.

Old content:

All of our old content has been migrated here and can be accessed from the categories menu on the right. You can also view a list of articles by author

Subscribing to the blog:

If you’ve never used RSS, here is a video tutorial on Google Reader. Who doesn’t use Google for searches? With Google Reader your igoogle homepage can notify you of new content at your favorite websites. Watch the video, then go here to add Google Reader to your iGoogle homepage.

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6 Responses to A New Blog

  1. Adrienne says:

    So cool guys! I love the concept of a joint blog. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Barbara Challies says:

    IT looks wonderful and neat and trim – and crisp and clean! (Enough adjectives?)! Looking forward to following your new blog….Mom

  3. So glad to see the new site. Can be a great asset to married couples. Call it He said, She said. I am sure there is already a blog out there named that though- not very original!

  4. Rick says:

    Ha, funny you say “he said, she said” – that’s going to be the title of one of our features. The name is indeed taken, along with {any other possible combination of english words}.com so we stuck with this one.

  5. Mom R. says:

    Checking out the site and testing the comment section. So far so good. I did have trouble leaving comments before- (not that I do very often anyway). :)

  6. Mom R. says:

    Another comment- The side bar is really, really light print though and I’m wondering if people with sight issues, namely my sister, may have trouble reading it?? Is it just our computer setting?

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