Son, I Love You

Mothering a boy can often feel like such uncharted waters for this girl.  My older sister Maryanne, mother of two sons and two daughters, has often written the way to really love boys is to give them time.  They don’t need heart to heart chats or lots of cuddles…they simply want time.

I was a mom on a mission yesterday as I left to pick Micah up from school.   Rick worked from home and so I got both girls down for afternoon naps and went out determined to show my son some much needed individualized attention.   Something told me he needed it and I better not ignore the obvious.  A few mornings in a row of him leaving for school in the midst of overstepping our authority on various issues.  Negotiations, negotiations, negotiations…discipline, discipline, discipline.  Negative patterns  festering and devouring many chances for pleasant, peaceful, God-glorifying mornings we can look back on with gladness.

When I first got to Micah’s classroom, he was out cold on his sleeping bag, exhausted from gym class.  It took a lot of convincing from me to veer him away from going straight home in order to hang out together instead.  He didn’t want to go anywhere special so we ended up just roaming.  I got some coffee, we went to a local children’s consignment shop and I got a few items for each of the kids.  Micah picked out two $1 books, happy as a clam for the full 45 minutes or so that I shopped.  Thank goodness for the books and Thomas train in the back of the store!  We then went on to the grocery store where he rode the horse outside the store several times, making a new friend along the way!

Not an exotic few hours but they were all Micah needed.  He is so easily pleased when it comes to treats and, as Maryanne has said, time put aside to be with him tells Micah, “son, I love you!”  I saw so many smiles.  Those shiny eyes shone brightly, eyes that dance with so much emotion when he is happy.  He laughed.  We cuddled.  And best of all, we talked about God.  Micah began pointing at different objects and saying how God had made them.  Somehow that led to him into saying he could not see God  and he questioned whether God was with us or not.  I relished the perfect opportunity to tell him that though we can not see God, he is always with us.  Just like the wind, he is everywhere.  We talked about how Jesus will return to earth one day and then we will know and see God in bodily form.  Finally see Him face to face!   What a day that will be!   Oh God, prepare Micah for that day!

Son, I love you.  I will always love you through thick and thin, through good mornings and rough mornings.  Time spent with you today…priceless! 


Fast asleep in his class room when I picked him up from school.

The 50 cent horse

always makes Micah happy!

Visit to a new children’s consignment store in the neighborhood, Lulu’s Then and Now…

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8 Responses to Son, I Love You

  1. Christy says:

    Thanks for the good advice about boys, Susannah! I already see this with Jack…he just wants to have time with us and is happiest when we’re all just hanging out :)

  2. Mom R. says:

    Love the pictures. Looks like you both had a great day!!

  3. Grace says:

    I teared up when reading about his asking about God. Sweet boy. Glad you had some time together.

  4. Susanna says:

    Great to hear from you Christy! Glad I can hand down advice that was given to me…hope to meet your Jack some day!:)

  5. So glad it worked out. I love the passed-out picture of him.

  6. Brenda says:

    So sweet! Glad Josh woke out of his stupor.

  7. Susanna says:

    Thanks Brenda! I’m glad Micah woke up too! School sure exhausts him, but in a good way!:)

  8. Barbara Challies says:

    SO glad you had fun together….Love, Mom

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