Baking With Ellie

I keep telling myself I’ll start baking at least once a week with my two year old Ellie.  I want her to start fostering an interest in culinary things while young…I know it can bring so much pleasure!  The girl loves to offer her assistance with any cooking or baking I am doing…her favorite jobs are putting toppings on pizza and rolling out dough for biscuits.  I hear a screeching of a chair on the kitchen floor and before I know it, there is a little being beside me!

Monday, we began our first baking venture off on a no frills note.  I simply bought a good brownie mix because i wanted Ellie to be able to do most of the work herself with my direction.  I didn’t want it to be a stressful activity with too many ingredients to work with, mess to make, etc.  I wanted to just have fun with my little girl and make her feel she could do it.

Ellie was scared to crack the egg herself but everything else, she was game for!  Wearing a little apron one of our neighbors gave us (they were going to throw it away but knew we might have use for it!), she had a great first baking experience!  Her favorite part?  Licking the wooden spoon of course!:)

 I can’t wait to have more such experiences in the coming weeks and months!  Next time, we’ll do some “real” baking…no brownie mix.   But I think it was good to start of nice and simple!


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6 Responses to Baking With Ellie

  1. Anna says:

    How sweet! I love how focused you are on your kids as individuals. I keep storing away your ideas for the future. :-)

  2. Mom R. says:

    She looks like she had a lot of fun, what a great idea! Cute pictures too.

  3. Franci says:

    How fun! Marica loves to bake and cook with me. I try to involve her in most of the chores I do around the house and she’s now even able to tidy the lounge by herself. This, however, might be to the fact that there is often a monetary reward for said activity. sigh. :-)

  4. Grace says:

    How adorable! Love those pictures and think you have a GREAT idea there. Hopefully she won’t turn out like her Auntie Grace (who baked pumpkin scones today that look pretty but taste like pure salt. ick)

  5. How fun! Fall always inspires me to cook more. Knowing the house will not heat up and add to the 90’s temps. Love you!

  6. bchallies says:

    Good job, Ellie-Girl -and Mom!

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