Teaching Biblical Truth to Children (Part 2)

In part 1, we established the importance of teaching our children Biblical Truth and not shying from deep concepts. But for parents, you might be saying ‘fine… but HOW?’ Our oldest is 4, so we don’t claim to be experts in any sense. We do find knowing specifically what others do to be extremely helpful so in that vein we share as peers, not experts.

How did we respond to the examples in part 1?

We tell Micah that Jesus died for our sins, we’ve probably never discussed death beyond that. So when told a rat was dead he drew the connection – the rat is dead, what else do I know about death? Jesus died. We told Micah something like this: “That’s right Micah, the rat died like Jesus died. But do you know the difference? Jesus came back alive after 3 days, the rat can’t come back alive. Is the rat God? (no) Is Jesus God? (yeah!) that’s why he has power over death, because he’s God.”  The discussion led to talking about how we all have to die because of our sin and Micah noted “but we don’t die on a cross like Jesus.” That’s right, only Jesus could die on the cross for our sins.

Responding to being born again… took… some… pause… we told Micah we are born one time as a baby, physically. We are born again, in spirit when we become Christians. I’m quite sure he didn’t really understand, but its still a seed of a concept.

The trinity is certainly hard even for adults. It’s the first thing the rationalist throws out the window. We first chose to stop at “are there many gods? no there is one God” for several times through the questions. Then we’ve started to move on stressing God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit more than leaving it at simply “three persons.”  Susanna also sung a song on the topic she learned as a child.

Music as a teaching tool

Susanna grew up listening to Judy Rogers who has excellent Christian truths in kids songs. One of the best is a CD called Why Can’t I See God which includes the song on the trinity. Our kids LOVE music. Primarily as a result of Susanna cultivating their musical appreciation by singing to them and always playing kids music around the house.

The kids enthusiastically learn the songs, but again the songs are not enough! Where songs become valuable is in relating back to the song. When explaining a truth you can say “like in your song…” And even as an adult Susanna values those simple songs to help remind her and help her know how to talk about things to the kids.


The kids catechism we use is called First Catechism and is available for $1.50 or the questions can be found online.

Children’s Story Bible

A great 2 for 1 is the 100 Bible Stories, 100 Bible Songs which includes a book plus CD. Each story is a couple short paragraphs, illustrated, with an application concept, and a song. We’re already on our second copy after wearing through the first. And thanks to the CD they can’t throw a Sunday school song at our kids that they don’t already know!


We haven’t dug much into Bible movies though we probably should. We have videos from the “Greatest Heroes and Legends” series on Daniel, David, and Moses. Videos definitely implant in a way nothing else does. Because of that I’m a little shy to introduce any loose interpretations of Bible stories lest they confuse fact and fiction.

These are just a few glimpses into our life and some of the things we’ve done. We love to glean wisdom from others who have been there – what have you found beneficial? What advice would you give to two parents seeking to raise godly kids?

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7 Responses to Teaching Biblical Truth to Children (Part 2)

  1. Grace says:

    Judy Rogers was the best thing mom made us listen to…years later I still know a lot of bible verses and catechism. It’s amazing how as a child you are just singing words but they stick!

  2. Agreed. Judy Rogers was the primary means of teaching me catechism. I still teach the kids from simple memory of my own childhood. The SEEDS CD’s are each 13-14 Scriptures set to music. There are 5 CD’s in the collection, so that is almost 60 passages they are learning. I would buy these for sure! http://www.seedsworship.com

  3. Adrienne says:

    I am really enjoying this series!

  4. bchallies says:

    You guys are doing so well – approaching truth from so many directions, in so many ways. (Lots of “so’s, but I mean them all) I’m proud of you! MomC

  5. Mom R. says:

    Agree, great job.

  6. Jason says:

    Helpful insight. I have 2 kids also (4 and 1), and one video I found very helpful (not just for kids) is the Matthew DVD (The Visual Bible). It is a word-for-word re-enactment of the NIV Gospel of Matthew. Great to watch a scene as follow-up for the Bible reading.


    • Rick says:

      thanks Jason, I actually have those DVDs too and I’ve never thought about using it with the kids (sorry comments with links go into moderation so I overlooked approving this until now)

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