Her Beautiful Heart for Africa

“We are trying to impart in them the love of Jesus and how they fit into His kingdom.”

I love reading about missionaries.  I love seeing what they are doing.  Brittany (standing at right in bottom right hand picture) attended our former church.  She lived in Brooklyn as well and worked at a major music publishing  company, Cherry Lane.  Though I wish I had gotten to know Brittany better during her time here, I grew to love her infectious laugh, her kindness, her passion for photography and her delicious baking !

Leaving her more “comfortable” existence behind to pursue missions, Brittany is now teaching at a Christian school in one of the largest slums in Africa.  After looking through some of her photography a few weeks ago, I was deeply moved.  I felt so thankful that there are those individuals who take their calling very seriously to do whatever it is God has called them to. I felt so thankful God has given Brittany and other women a desire to give education to children who otherwise would go without!

And now, I’ll give the rest of the post up to Brittany’s own words…

“I came to Africa without a clear direction, just an open heart. Since I’ve been here I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities to serve, almost always in a way that has stretched me beyond my own capabilities.”

“By far the highlight of my time here has been teaching art and Bible classes to the students at Joy Springs Educational Center.”

“We also teach Bible to the two oldest classes. God has continually given Amy and I ideas for these classes. We’ve been using the parables as guidelines and teaching them in a way that focuses on relationship. Many of the kids have Bible knowledge but it ends there.”

Brittany, would you continue to thrive in the work God has called you to!  Thank you for your example and your heart for God’s children in Africa!

Consider making a donation to Joy Springs Educational Center!  Right now, a total of about $3000 is needed to build another classroom… (sorry if you tried earlier, it is fixed now!)

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6 Responses to Her Beautiful Heart for Africa

  1. Lisa Pearce says:

    Hey Susanna,
    Thanks for the above post. It was great to read about your friend serving in Nairobi! We’re in Nairobi now too so if she ever needs an extra friend here, feel free to give her my details!

  2. You’re so sweet, Susanna. This made my day!! Thank you so much for making space on your blog to highlight these awesome kids :)

  3. Grace says:

    Ok. So I will try to leave a comment again..Thanks for sharing this post! Amazing what God calls people to do.

  4. Loved reading about Brittany! Thanks for posting. PS – are you guys not at City Church anymore? I noticed you said “former church.” Where are you worshiping now?

  5. Susanna says:

    Lisa, thanks for letting Brittany know you are in Nairobi as well!:)

    Brittany, it is MY PLEASURE!!! I wish I could meet them all in person!:)

    Bethany, great to hear from you! We need to catch up!:)

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