Welcome to Hershey Country

Dear Milton S. Hershey,

I have never known much about you or your legacy save my many moments of enjoying a Kit Kat bar or Hershey’s Kiss or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or Hershey’s instant hot chocolate.  I’ve known your last name and that is about it.

Yesterday I learned a little about your genius.  About how you cleared a field …not deemed much good to anyone else but you saw the potential.  You took the rock, had it made into houses for your workers and then made the field into pastureland.  You soon named your new enterprise “Hershey’s Chocolate Company” in the late 19th century and the rest is a history…the history of a chocolate that is filled with kid-friendly sweetness.

Kid-friendly sweetness in more ways than one.  Not only do children never say no to your chocolates but your enterprise has a wonderfully refreshing aura in the face of a world that is fast becoming less and less family friendly.  Touring Hershey’s Chocolate World yesterday was an experience for both us and our children.  We all got to learn about you and your legacy in a way that got the children involved.  A 3D movie, a ride through the different steps involved in making chocolate…it was a treat from start to finish.  And what made me most pleased was that my children were in a place where they were allowed to have fun, kid style.

Mr. Hershey,  I think you would be happy to see where your chocolate company has gone.  Unlike many men who would turn in their graves if they knew what their legacy had become, I can assure you you would be very pleased!  Your chocolate has stood the test of time and it is an honor to find out more about the man who helped put a smile on the faces of our three children yesterday!


A very grateful mom

* * * * *

And to my children,

You all did so well yesterday!  A three hour drive each way, an entire day of activities until late into the evening and not one melt down…you were so grateful for everything we did.  I was so thankful and proud!  Your daddy and I love making memories with you!



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10 Responses to Welcome to Hershey Country

  1. Franci Hoyt says:

    How cool! You’ll have to tell us how to get there so we can experience it too!

    Did you bring home tonnes of chocolate? :-)

  2. Adrienne says:

    Does the town really smell like chocolate? I’ve always heard that it did. Glad you guys had a fun getaway!

  3. Susanna says:


    The town does not smell like chocolate…at least I didn’t notice that…but the Chocolate World sure does!:) YUM!! One neat thing in the town is that the lamp posts have Hershey’s Kisses on them…fun!

    If you and Chris get to this area with the kids for any length of time, you should take a drive there! Your girls would love it!!:)

  4. Grace says:

    How fun! Looks like you all had a blast. I love Ellie’s pigtails! I bet you walked away wanting so much chocolate…I know i would have!

  5. bchallies says:

    Hooray for such a great family day!

  6. I enjoyed looking at the pictures. Must have been a really cool place to visit!

  7. jchallies says:

    Sounds like you had a great ime. One question though. Cacoa is tropical plant that grows in places like Ghana. how did Hershey grow those plants in PA.


  8. Don’t you love that place!?!?! Haha when we went last summer the town didn’t smell like chocolate, but it did when we went years ago… maybe it depends on the day? …and I loooove the streetlights!

  9. Megha says:

    How fun! I love the pic of Amelia gnawing on the wrapped chocolate bar. :) I’ve always wanted to go there – I guess we’ll have to wait till they’re old enough to withstand a super long drive!

  10. Susanna says:

    Ummm….dad…you’re too smart!!!;) lol Ya, I was getting my facts mixed up! He just cleared the field of the rocks and used it as pasture land. The beans came from other places like you say. Ha! Thanks!;)

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