Sea of Darkness

I let Micah stay home from school today (five days a week of full days at school can prove to be too much for our four year old).  We did some quality learning together…and had a lot of fun along the way!  Both the girls slept in until at least 9:30 so Micah picked out two books (see below) and we sat down on the couch together and began reading about Christopher Columbus in “Great Names in Our Country’s Story.”  I forget where we found this old gem of a book but it is perfect for reading to a young child.  It asks so many good questions and Micah really got into the story of Columbus.

The story begins by talking about how in Columbus’s day, everyone believed the earth was flat and the Sea of Darkness was their name for the Atlantic Ocean.  Fear gripped men who sailed the seas because the believed they could sail right off the earth.  They believed their were dragons in the water.  Basically, men in that time had a lot to learn!:)

Anyways, Micah said he would like to be a sailor when he grows up but he would not want to sail with out mommy and daddy!  I asked him where he’d like to sail to and he looked at the map below of Italy and put his finger on Venice!  Good lad…that is a beautiful place as his daddy and I can attest to!  Like my mother did when I was little, I showed him how Italy is shaped like a boot and taught him “Never Eat Shredded Wheat” to remember the compass points as well as “Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492!”

What a fun time we had!  I would love to be able to sit down and spend time together like this every day!

Picture #1:  Micah writes “Christopher!”  I thought he did a pretty good job!:)

Picture #2:  Micah drew the four points of a compass as well as a round earth and a flat earth (the line) since we were talking about how people once thought the earth was flat!:)  Oh, and he also wrote 1492, the year Columbus sailed!

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6 Responses to Sea of Darkness

  1. Grace says:

    He did a great job with the writing! Good for him:)

  2. Franci Hoyt says:

    Wow, did he know how to shape those letters all by himself? Impressive!

  3. Susanna says:

    Yes, Franci! He wrote them with zero help from me! They practice letters and reading like crazy at his school so he’s learning these skills quickly! It’s exciting!

  4. Mom R. says:

    What a wonderful day it sounds like you both had. Great for you!! Isn’t it so much fun being a part of their learning? Enjoy! I really miss those days and would love to have my kids back home again.

  5. bchallies says:

    Good job, Micah and Mommy!

  6. Hello, Micah!

    We are a family living in Mexico. Mexico is beautiful, full of colors and delicious food! Maybe one day when you grow up, you would like to visit here; you can travel by plane, or car and you will certainly love to see big pyramids and swim in the beautiful sea shores we have.

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